Instant Tethering Stories June 2, 2017

Last year Google unveiled a powerful new feature for Nexus/Pixel users — instant tethering. Between a Google phone and Google tablet, users could easily activate the tethering feature without ever pulling out their smartphone. Now, as Android tablets continue to fall off the map, Google seems to be bringing this feature to Chrome OS.

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Instant Tethering Stories February 10, 2017


First spotted in testing last month, Instant Tethering automatically and seamlessly shares a cellular data connection through Wi-Fi. The feature is now more widely rolling out, but at the moment exclusive to the Pixel line and recent Nexus phones and tablets.

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Instant Tethering Stories January 20, 2017


Tethering your various devices to your phone to get connected to the internet is a common use case for many people these days, but the experience in getting it set up definitely has room for improvement. Now, there’s a new feature rolling out through a Google Play Services update (it seems to be version 10.2 in this case) that will let you tether your devices to a hotspot hosted on your phone with just a single tap…

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