Lenovo Smart Frame Stories May 18, 2020

One of the products I got to try at CES 2020 was Lenovo’s new Smart Frame, a 21-inch display that’s designed to blend in as a picture frame. It’s a really cool product, but it was begging for integration with Google Photos. Now, Lenovo has secured Google Photos integration for the Smart Frame and it’s announcing details on when and how you’ll be able to buy the product.

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Lenovo Smart Frame Stories January 9, 2020

Photos are a part of our daily lives, and thanks to cloud services, we can access our shots almost anywhere. At CES 2020 this week, Lenovo is showing off its new Smart Frame, and in person, it’s a gorgeous product that made me wish it could show what’s in my Google Photos library.

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Lenovo Smart Frame Stories January 6, 2020

Lenovo Smart Frame is a 21-inch display that shows art on your wall

Perhaps the best part of a smart display is the ability to show pictures automatically from online storage sources. With Lenovo’s new Smart Frame, you’ll be able to display pictures on your wall with essentially a small TV.

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