Mobvoi Tichome Mini Stories October 20, 2017

Google Assistant is a powerful tool, but its usefulness depends on the hardware you use it on. You can take Assistant everywhere with your phone or watch, but nothing beats how convenient a Google Home is. Now that Assistant is extending to more form factors, we’re really going to see how well it can integrate into our lives, and the TicHome Mini by Mobvoi is one of the most flexible pieces of Assistant hardware to date.

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Mobvoi Tichome Mini Stories October 17, 2017

Before the announcement of the Google Home Mini, we got our eyes on the TicHome Mini. This small speaker has Google Assistant built-in and runs on a battery, allowing it to be carried and used around your house. After an extremely long wait, Mobvoi is finally opening up pre-orders starting today. What’s better is that if you pre-order the TicHome Mini right now, you’ll save a few dollars…

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Mobvoi Tichome Mini Stories September 25, 2017

Google Home was released about a year ago as the first smart speaker with Google Assistant built in, and it’s matured a lot since its release. This year, Google opened up the software needed to bring Assistant to other hardware. Back at IFA, we saw several new options announced, and now we’ve got our hands on one of the first, the Mobvoi TicHome Mini.

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Mobvoi Tichome Mini Stories August 30, 2017

Google Assistant’s answer to the Amazon Echo arrived in the form of the Google Home last year, but to this day it remains the only option on the market. It’s a great option which is well priced, but for some, a form factor like that of the Amazon Echo Dot would be a better choice. Thanks to Mobvoi, Google Assistant is finally getting that option.

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Mobvoi Tichome Mini Stories May 17, 2017

At Google I/O 2017 today, Google revealed that it was working with several new partners to release a handful of third-party, Google Assistant powered devices. One of the devices comes from one of Google’s Chinese partners — Mobvoi, in the form of the Tichome Mini.

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