Mobvoi Stories March 6

[Update: Available in US] ‘Ticwatch Pro 2020’ adds 1GB of RAM to a Wear OS favorite

If battery life is your key concern, there’s no better Wear OS smartwatch for you than Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro. Now the Ticwatch Pro is getting a 2020 refresh with the same design, but with 1GB of RAM to improve performance.

Mobvoi Stories January 15

Mobvoi has redesigned and refined the TicPods 2 Pro to offer a better overall experience while separating its truly wireless earbuds into two distinct price-points.

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Mobvoi Stories January 7

Apple’s AirPods helped usher in a wave of truly wireless earbuds and, for Android users, there have only been so many decent options. One solid choice in 2018-2019 was Mobvoi’s TicPods and in the new year, TicPods 2 have arrived with two variants and a bunch of new features too.

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Mobvoi Stories December 10, 2019

Mobvoi launches TicWatch Pro 4G in the UK for £249 w/ Vodafone connectivity

There aren’t many cellular Wear OS smartwatches on the market today, and internationally, it can be almost impossible to find one. Today, Mobvoi is launching its well-received TicWatch Pro 4G in the UK with connectivity on Vodafone.

Mobvoi Stories August 16, 2019

Last year, our Damien Wilde raved about Mobvoi’s TicPods Free true wireless earbuds, calling them the Android alternative to AirPods. We’ve discovered that Mobvoi is getting ready for a second round, developing two new models of “TicPods 2,” including a “Pro” variant to match the PowerBeats Pro.

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Mobvoi Stories August 10, 2019

The biggest problem with Wear OS as a platform is hardware, and the biggest problem with most of its hardware is battery life. Last year, the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro implemented a clever solution to that problem with a dual-display. Now, the TicWatch Pro 4G is here, and while LTE might be the feature that earns the new name, it’s the improved performance that should have you interested in this watch.

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