Mobvoi Stories July 20

Wear OS has seen a lot of brands come and go over the years, but Mobvoi has stuck it out with the Ticwatch lineup. Now, Mobvoi is teasing its next Ticwatch which is powered by the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1.

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Mobvoi Stories July 19

The first Wear OS smartwatch with Snapdragon W5+ will be from Mobvoi

Qualcomm today announced its most important chip for wearables ever in the Snapdragon W5+. It looks like a genuinely impressive chip, and we already know where it will arrive first. The Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 will show up first in Wear OS smartwatches from a familiar face.

Mobvoi Stories July 16

New ‘flagship’ TicWatch with Wear OS, premium design, and ‘long duration battery’ teased

Following the Montblanc Summit 3, the next Wear OS device to arrive might be a “flagship” TicWatch from Mobvoi. 

Mobvoi Stories April 15

Mobvoi’s TicWatch smartwatches, the Wear OS models, are getting a new batch of official watch faces. Here’s how to get them on your device.

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Mobvoi Stories October 13, 2021

Google’s Wear OS is in a transition period, and there aren’t many smartwatches you should buy right now because most, sadly, won’t get the update. This week, Mobvoi is adding another option that will be eligible for a Wear OS upgrade in its TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra.

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Mobvoi Stories October 7, 2021

While Wear OS sits in limbo waiting on its big upgrade to launch on other hardware, some brands are still putting out new hardware. As an upgrade to its previously released TicWatch Pro 3, Mobvoi has just officially confirmed it will launch an “Ultra” version.

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Mobvoi Stories October 5, 2021

Mobvoi has officially unveiled the TicWatch Pro X in China, with the Wear OS smartwatch packing in much of what we’ve already seen on the previous TicWatch Pro 3 series before.

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Mobvoi Stories July 29, 2021

Google is leaving behind almost the entire Wear OS catalog for its next big update with very few exceptions. More watches are coming between now and the wide availability of Wear OS 3, and it seems that Mobvoi will be launching more TicWatch models without the new version at launch.

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Mobvoi Stories June 12, 2021

Instagram video shows off new TicWatch E3, second Wear OS watch w/ Snapdragon 4100

As Google’s revamp of the platform looms, the second-ever Wear OS smartwatch using the Snapdragon 4100 chipset may be on its way. A video posted to Instagram this week shows a user in Russia who got their hands on a TicWatch E3 ahead of its release, confirming the Snapdragon 4100, among other details.

Mobvoi Stories June 10, 2021

After years of neglect, Google finally gave Wear OS some proper attention at I/O with a promising new update set to be released this fall. Upgrade paths, though, are still unclear for current devices. Despite some speculation this week, though, the TicWatch Pro 3 is not confirmed to get the “Wear OS 3.0” update.

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Mobvoi Stories March 9, 2021

While the platform itself hasn’t changed much, the hardware powering Wear OS smartwatches has improved a fair bit over the past couple of years. Most notably, that includes the Snapdragon 4100 series of chips, which makes a huge difference and offers a worthy upgrade, too. That’s why the TicWatch Pro S is incredibly confusing.

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Mobvoi Stories January 21, 2021

After striking gold with the TicWatch Pro 3, Mobvoi’s Earbuds Gesture wireless Bluetooth headphones have arrived after a successful Indiegogo campaign complete with some hands-free head gestures.

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Mobvoi Stories December 1, 2020

After years of relying on the outdated Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset in its wearables, Mobvoi dropped the first Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset earlier this year. Now they are adding to the TicWatch Pro 3 series with a LTE connected option, but only in Europe.

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Mobvoi Stories October 19, 2020

Wear OS’ current flagship, the TicWatch Pro 3, is probably getting an LTE variant soon

Last month the first Wear OS smartwatch using the Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset hit the market, the TicWatch Pro 3. Now, it sure looks like Mobvoi is preparing to launch a second version of the TicWatch Pro 3, this time with LTE support.

Mobvoi Stories September 17, 2020

Last month an early retail listing confirmed the presence of Mobvoi’s upcoming TicWatch Pro 3. Now, another retail listing for the TicWatch Pro 3 has confirmed nearly all of the specs and features of the upcoming Wear OS smartwatch. Here’s what we know.

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Mobvoi Stories September 7, 2020

Mobvoi TicPods 2 Pro Plus deliver a new case, better voice commands for $139

Mobvoi’s TicPods 2 Pro debuted last year with some neat features and a refreshed design, and now as 2020 rages on, the product is getting an update — TicPods 2 Pro Plus.

Mobvoi Stories August 31, 2020

Google’s Wear OS platform is hopefully going to get a shot in the arm this Fall when watches with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset start shipping to customers. Today, the first of those watches has leaked with the TicWatch 3 Pro, coming this October.

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Mobvoi Stories August 20, 2020

Mobvoi’s latest TicWatch GTX ditches Wear OS for 10-day battery, $59 price

Mobvoi is known best in the US for its TicWatch lineup, consistently offering some of the best, more affordable smartwatches with Google’s Wear OS. On its latest release, though, Mobvoi is debuting the TicWatch GTX, a super-affordable smartwatch that replaces Google’s Wear OS.

Mobvoi Stories July 17, 2020

Mobvoi’s TicPods series has delivered a handful of solid truly wireless earbud offerings for Android users, and a new option is right around the corner. Mobvoi is currently teasing its “Earbuds Gesture” ahead of launch and they promise 50-hour battery life.

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Mobvoi Stories June 23, 2020

TicWatch C2 upgraded with 1GB of RAM, making it the fastest Wear OS watch on a budget

One of our favorite Wear OS watches of the last two years was the TicWatch C2, featuring a clean, refined design at an affordable price point. This year, Mobvoi is upgrading that watch into the TicWatch C2+, bumping up to 1GB of RAM, which has become the norm for Wear OS.

Mobvoi Stories June 4, 2020

Mobvoi launches TicPods ANC w/ noise cancellation, silicone tips for $89

Truly wireless earbuds have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, and for Android users, Mobvoi’s TicPods have been a pretty decent option. Today, Mobvoi is launching TicPods ANC, an affordable pair of truly wireless earbuds with noise cancellation, silicone tips, and more.

Mobvoi Stories March 6, 2020

[Update: Available in US] ‘Ticwatch Pro 2020’ adds 1GB of RAM to a Wear OS favorite

If battery life is your key concern, there’s no better Wear OS smartwatch for you than Mobvoi’s TicWatch Pro. Now the Ticwatch Pro is getting a 2020 refresh with the same design, but with 1GB of RAM to improve performance.

Mobvoi Stories January 15, 2020

Mobvoi has redesigned and refined the TicPods 2 Pro to offer a better overall experience while separating its truly wireless earbuds into two distinct price-points.

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Mobvoi Stories January 7, 2020

Apple’s AirPods helped usher in a wave of truly wireless earbuds and, for Android users, there have only been so many decent options. One solid choice in 2018-2019 was Mobvoi’s TicPods and in the new year, TicPods 2 have arrived with two variants and a bunch of new features too.

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Mobvoi Stories December 10, 2019

Mobvoi launches TicWatch Pro 4G in the UK for £249 w/ Vodafone connectivity

There aren’t many cellular Wear OS smartwatches on the market today, and internationally, it can be almost impossible to find one. Today, Mobvoi is launching its well-received TicWatch Pro 4G in the UK with connectivity on Vodafone.

Mobvoi Stories August 16, 2019

Last year, our Damien Wilde raved about Mobvoi’s TicPods Free true wireless earbuds, calling them the Android alternative to AirPods. We’ve discovered that Mobvoi is getting ready for a second round, developing two new models of “TicPods 2,” including a “Pro” variant to match the PowerBeats Pro.

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Mobvoi Stories August 10, 2019

The biggest problem with Wear OS as a platform is hardware, and the biggest problem with most of its hardware is battery life. Last year, the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro implemented a clever solution to that problem with a dual-display. Now, the TicWatch Pro 4G is here, and while LTE might be the feature that earns the new name, it’s the improved performance that should have you interested in this watch.

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Mobvoi Stories July 26, 2019

[Update: TicWatch Pro] TicWatch C2, E2, S2 update promises lag fixes, app upgrades

Just over a week after launching its new TicWatch Pro 4G, Mobvoi is rolling out a fresh update to some of its previous watches. TicWatch C2, E2, and S2 owners can all expect an OTA to hit their wrists soon with some fixes and updates in tow.

Mobvoi Stories July 10, 2019

While there are plenty of valid reasons why Wear OS is not all that great, I think it’s a solid platform overall. My main problem using it is simply that it’s incredibly slow on most hardware. Lately, though, I’ve had one of the best Wear OS experiences I’ve ever had with the new TicWatch Pro 4G from Mobvoi, and I think a lot of that comes down to the fact that it has killer performance.

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Mobvoi Stories July 3, 2019

Wear OS has a sore lack of watches with LTE, but it seems that could be changing very soon. A teaser page on Mobvoi’s website gives an early peek at the next TicWatch which we’re expecting to come with LTE connectivity.

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Mobvoi Stories June 13, 2019

New watches running Wear OS have been far and few between in recent months. Mobvoi, known for affordable smartwatches running the Google OS, appears to be working on a follow-up to the TicWatch Pro that notably features LTE in the U.S.

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Mobvoi Stories March 15, 2019

Watchfaces from Mobvoi’s Ticwatch models now available on Play Store for most Wear OS watches

Some of the best Wear OS smartwatches on the market today are from Mobvoi. The company’s collection of Ticwatch models offer excellent value at a variety of price points. Now, the company is opening up its collection of watchfaces to all Wear OS users by way of the Play Store.

Mobvoi Stories February 5, 2019

Wear OS watches are all pretty much the same under the hood, but prices vary wildly. Where most options cost well over $200, Mobvoi has been working to provide affordable options that work just as good, if not better than most. Lately, the Ticwatch S2 has been on my wrist. Here’s what you need to know.

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Mobvoi Stories January 10, 2019

Mobvoi has been a huge up-and-comer in the Wear OS market for the past couple of years, and CES 2019 saw the company debut its two latest options. The Ticwatch E2 and Ticwatch S2 have both gone official and we’ve had a chance to spend some hands-on time, as well as checking out some of the handy new features coming to these watches.

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Mobvoi Stories January 8, 2019

Mobvoi may still be far from a household name, but the company’s Ticwatch smartwatches have proved some of the more popular Wear OS watches available in recent years. This week at CES 2019, the company is launching two new smartwatches with the Ticwatch E2 and Ticwatch S2. Here’s what you need to know.

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Mobvoi Stories December 20, 2018

A few months ago, Google released a sorely needed Wear OS update which brought more focus to health tracking. This came along with a revamp of Google Fit. However, on the popular Mobvoi Ticwatch Wear OS smartwatches, the swipe gesture to access Google Fit was replaced. Now, users have the choice to bring it back.

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Mobvoi Stories December 17, 2018

The TicWatch C2 from Mobvoi is yet another solid smart wearable from the brand, who are really carving out a name for themselves as one of the best smartwatch makers on the market. That said, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows and the Ticwatch C2 isn’t a massive leap over other smartwatches a) on the market, and b) in the TicWatch line-up.

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Mobvoi Stories December 6, 2018

Wear OS has been trying to figure itself out in some major ways in recent months, and currently, it’s on track to get a lot better. Mobvoi has been one of the go-to brands for a solid Wear OS watch, and today its new Ticwatch C2 officially launches. Here’s what you need to know, as well as my first impressions from a couple of days of use.

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Mobvoi Stories November 21, 2018

Perhaps like many of you, I’ve had to embrace the world of Bluetooth headphones and earbuds much sooner than I would’ve liked. Mobvoi makes some superb Wear OS smartwatches, but the IndieGoGo-backed TicPods Free finally give Android users a solid alternative to Apple AirPods.

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Mobvoi Stories October 24, 2018

Mobvoi isn’t exactly a household name, but it makes some of the best Wear OS watches on the market today. Now, the Ticwatch C2 is launching with a fancy new design, welcome features, and an affordable price tag.

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Mobvoi Stories October 3, 2018

The redesigned Wear OS started rolling out to users this week, but some are finding a change to the experience. Google Fit on Ticwatch E, an affordable watch from Mobvoi, is actually replaced with the company’s own TicHealth service.

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Mobvoi Stories September 22, 2018

Mobvoi Ticwatch E2 shows up on company’s site, teases better water resistance

One of the bright spots in Wear OS hardware over the past couple of years has been the Ticwatch from Mobvoi. Now, a mysterious “Ticwatch E2” has popped up on the company’s official website.

Mobvoi Stories June 26, 2018

When I think of Wear OS watches, most devices that come to mind are standard-looking timepieces from companies like Kate Spade, LG, Huawei, and others. While these all work with fitness apps like the one from Google, none of them are really sporty and made for exercising. So if you’re looking for a fitness-focused wearable, the Mobvoi Ticwatch S might be the perfect watch for you.

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Mobvoi Stories May 24, 2018

If you had to pick one thing as the weakest point of Wear OS, it’s definitely the battery life. Most Wear OS devices barely last a day, and there’s not much OEMs can do to fix that. Mobvoi, however, seems to have found a unique solution with its upcoming TicWatch Pro.

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Mobvoi Stories May 17, 2018

Wear OS update w/ Android Oreo now available for all Mobvoi Ticwatch E & Ticwatch S users

Google’s Android Wear was renamed to Wear OS earlier this year, but it’s not like the company could just flip a switch to bring every device up to date with that new branding. Today, Mobvoi has completed its rollout of Android Oreo to the Ticwatch E and Ticwatch S, bringing those up to date with Wear OS.

Mobvoi Stories April 17, 2018

Truly wireless earbuds have been hitting the market left and right for the past couple of years, and most agree that the best are Apple’s AirPods. Today, Chinese wearable maker Mobvoi, the company behind the Wear OS-powered Ticwatch family, is taking a stab at it with the new TicPods Free.

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Mobvoi Stories October 17, 2017

Before the announcement of the Google Home Mini, we got our eyes on the TicHome Mini. This small speaker has Google Assistant built-in and runs on a battery, allowing it to be carried and used around your house. After an extremely long wait, Mobvoi is finally opening up pre-orders starting today. What’s better is that if you pre-order the TicHome Mini right now, you’ll save a few dollars…

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Mobvoi Stories August 30, 2017

Google Assistant’s answer to the Amazon Echo arrived in the form of the Google Home last year, but to this day it remains the only option on the market. It’s a great option which is well priced, but for some, a form factor like that of the Amazon Echo Dot would be a better choice. Thanks to Mobvoi, Google Assistant is finally getting that option.

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