Oppo F1 Plus Stories April 29, 2016

Oppo is one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers in the world. Having sold around 50 million smartphones last year, it’s closing in on LG, which is pretty impressive given the size of the company. The F1 Plus looks to continue that success in 2016 and having spent some time with the phone, Oppo’s got a great shot of doing just that, even if the device needs a little work.

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Oppo F1 Plus Stories April 26, 2016

Oppo marketing isn’t shy about promoting the company’s proprietary fast-charging technology. With the multiple versions of Qualcomm’s Quick-Charge and USB Type-C already giving us all a headache, do we really another proprietary option? As it turns out… we might.

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Oppo F1 Plus Stories April 23, 2016

In this week’s top stories, new Android phone leaks, Alphabet announces its Q1 2016 earnings, we go hands-on with the Oppo F1 Plus, LG G5 and much more. Head below for the quick links to all of this week’s top shared posts:

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Oppo F1 Plus Stories April 20, 2016

If 2015 taught us anything, it’s that there’s a huge opportunity in the smartphone market for high-spec, affordable mid-range phones. Companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi and Huawei have all churned out some fantastic devices at competitive prices. Remarkably, one of the fastest growing Chinese companies is Oppo, and they sent us their newest smartphone, the F1 Plus.

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Oppo F1 Plus Stories April 5, 2016

Just a couple of weeks after announcing the latest R-series phones, Oppo has followed up with the new F1 Plus for African, Southeast Asian and European markets. Like most competitive Android smartphones these days, it has a flat iPhone-like all-metal rear case with rounded edges, and is practically identical to the R9 and R9 Plus revealed last month.

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