Oppo Watch Stories May 28, 2021

Oppo Watch sequel could be the second Wear OS watch using the Snapdragon 4100 chip

A surprise highlight of Wear OS in recent years has been the skinned Oppo Watch, one of the few devices to adopt modified software and a square design. Now, that device’s sequel is in the works, and “Oppo Watch 2” may pick up the underused Snapdragon 4100.

Oppo Watch Stories December 14, 2020

Oppo Watch gets the Wear OS H-MR2 update w/ better battery, improved sleep tracking

Google’s “Fall update” for Wear OS is finally starting to make its way to more hardware, this week adding another. The Oppo Watch is picking up the Wear OS H-MR2 update, and it brings with it some nice tweaks.

Oppo Watch Stories September 21, 2020

New Oppo Watch variant could be the first Wear OS smartwatch w/ ECG on board

The Oppo Watch debuted globally in July with Google’s Wear OS powering the show. However, it arrived without a key feature from its Chinese counterpart — ECG support. Now, a new Oppo Watch with ECH is apparently on the way, and it’s possibly the first Wear OS watch to support the feature.

Oppo Watch Stories July 31, 2020

oppo wear os

With the Wear OS segment lacking any real innovation thanks to an almost monopoly of Fossil-branded hardware, it’s great to see new players enter the space. Oppo’s first Wear OS device, the Oppo Watch is now officially going global today with a familiar design but an interesting take on the Google wearable OS.

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Oppo Watch Stories July 23, 2020

Oppo’s next smartwatch will adopt Google’s Wear OS, launching July 31st

Oppo released its first smartwatch just earlier this year, but it’s already getting a new version. Debuting next week, an updated Oppo Watch is set to run on Google’s Wear OS platform.

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