poem Stories December 22, 2014

T-Mobile CEO John Legere wishes you a NSFW Christmas (Video)

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is known for trolling his competitors, and it looks like he decided to—in the spirit of the season, of course—mock them some more as a Christmas gift. T-Mobile has spent the entire year going through several different “uncarrier” events (now totaling eight), attacking its competitors and introducing services and features that it hopes will set it apart. And as Legere touches on in the below video, plenty of people seem to have been convinced that switching is worth their time…

poem Stories September 19, 2011

The image above is from a series of mock ups courtesy of designer Federico Ciccarese 

Coming from a potentially reliable, yet somewhat odd source, details regarding the yet to be announced next-gen Nexus have popped up on Twitter, in poem form.

Twitter user @tfleming223 sent out pieces of a poem he alleged hint at specs and release dates for the forthcoming Ice Cream Sandwich powered Google phone.

The poem (below) hints at a November 3rd launch date on Verizon, Ice Cream Sandwich rather than “ filling your belly with candies, jellies”, and the expected worldphone capabilities with a “GSM or wimax radios inside”. The date would line up with an October/November release of Ice Cream Sandwich, which was was recently confirmed by Eric Schmidt.

The poem even takes a stab at Apple’s upcoming iPhone‘s apparent lack of LTE: expand full story

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