Project CSX Stories January 23, 2017

ZTE admits its mistake with the crowdsourced ‘Hawkeye,’ asks community to help improve it

Last year ZTE opened up an ambitious project, Project CSX. The goal? To create the first smartphone that was designed by the community. ZTE pitched the idea of producing a phone that was built on the ideas of its community, and now that phone, the ‘Hawkeye’ is finally on its way. The company revealed the eye-tracking, self-adhesive device at CES 2017 and it was, well, it was pretty underwhelming, and the Kickstarter totals so far reflect that. Now, ZTE is acknowledging that it made a mistake.

Project CSX Stories January 17, 2017

ZTE Hawkeye

Over the course of 2016, ZTE opened up Project CSX, an opportunity for the company to flip the way smartphones are made, giving the consumer control over the device’s unique features. After a few months of submissions, the community decided that a smartphone with eye-tracking capabilities and a self-adhesive back would be one of ZTE’s next phones, and at CES 2017, the company made that a reality in the form of the “Hawkeye.”

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