Qi wireless charging Stories March 4, 2020

First unveiled at the 2019 Made by Google Event, Google’s second generation of Pixel Buds wireless headphones are set to debut sometime this spring. With their release growing closer, the 2020 Google Pixel Buds have become certified for wireless charging.

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Qi wireless charging Stories April 6, 2019

Each year, Chromebooks become thinner and more portable, but this unfortunately comes at the cost of once-indispensable ports like HDMI and Ethernet. Some devices, like the Pixelbook, don’t even have so much as a full USB-A port.

These can, of course, each be replaced with a separate dongle, but many Chromebooks have only two USB-C ports, which would make it impossible to use two dongles and charge simultaneously. The Moshi Symbus Q, which plugs in with just one USB-C port, is able to replace all of these dongles, charge your Chromebook, and wirelessly charge your phone simultaneously.

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Qi wireless charging Stories April 3, 2019

Android Q Beta 2: Google Pixel 3 no longer shows wireless charging speed as ‘rapidly’ or ‘slowly’

There’s an enormous variety of tiny adjustments and quality-of-life changes in Android Q Beta 2, but some aren’t necessarily an improvement. For whatever reason, on Android Q Beta 2, the Pixel 3 no longer displays whether it is charging slowly or rapidly when on a wireless charger.

Qi wireless charging Stories July 27, 2015


In one of those moves so obvious in retrospect you wonder why the company didn’t do it earlier, Samsung has announced a monitor with a built-in Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. Just place your Samsung S5 or S6 (or other smartphone compatible with the Qi standard for wireless charging) onto the pad beneath the SE370 monitor and the LED will turn green as the phone charges …  expand full story

Qi wireless charging Stories June 7, 2013


DroidLife spotted that Samsung has added the Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit to the US store. To charge your S4 without being reduced to anything as crude as wires, you’ll need to replace the backplate of your phone with the Wireless Charging Cover for $39.99, plus buy the Wireless Charging Pad (or any other Qi charger) for $49.99.

The charging cover is, however, thicker than the standard one, which means it may not fit any existing cases or docks you have …  expand full story

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