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Update: Even more details have now arrived, thanks to surfaced FCC documents and a developer on the XDA-Developers forum who has managed to get ahold of a leaked system image. According to these sources, the Nexus 6P will have a microSD card, and will also have optical image stabilization, Fi-compatible multi-carrier support, F2Fs stock, and T-Mobile WiFi calling out of the box.

The upcoming Nexus announcements are some of the more eagerly awaited of the year (at least in the Google space), but — as is the case with almost every other Android phone announced over the last few years — there aren’t many secrets that will make it all the way to September 29th. Yesterday, a confidential slideshow outlining Nexus 6P features was publicly posted on image sharing site Imgur, and now that same slideshow has made its way to Google Docs. Although yesterday’s leak gave us pretty much all the information you could possibly hope to get before an official debut, it looks like we now have even more tidbits on our hands… expand full story

september 29 Stories September 2, 2015

According to a report this morning from CNET, Google is planning two unveil two Nexus handset — one from LG, and one from Huawei — at an event scheduled from September 29th. Details of both the smaller “Nexus 5” made by LG and the new “Nexus 6” made by Huawei have been steadily leaking out over the last couple months, and — just as many have suggested — the two phones are slated to made official at the end of this month… expand full story

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