Google makes site-search more prominent to speed you to the exact page you want

Google is today rolling out a new version of its web search to make it more obvious how to search for a specific page within a website.

Search for a company or website by name and Google has long displayed a list of popular links within that site. For example, search for Samsung and this is what Google will show you:

If the page you’re after isn’t shown, you can click the ‘More results from’ link to open up a site-specific search – but most people didn’t notice it. In the new version, a site search box will pop up right underneath the main link, with greyed-out text letting you know that will search within the site – as in the YouTube example shown. Type in your keyword(s) and Google will take you right there.

Websites with their own search engines can also include code that tells Google how to access it, in which case the site’s own search facility will be used.

The new page is appearing on today, and is likely to reach other countries soon.