spaces Stories February 24, 2017

Update 4/18/17: Yesterday was April 17th, so Google Spaces is now dead. RIP.

With Google, products die just about as fast as they’re born. Spaces, which originally launched in May of 2016 — just before the kickoff of Google I/O 2016 — is being shuttered…

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spaces Stories July 12, 2016


In a post on Medium, it was announced that Kifi is joining Google’s Spaces team. For those unfamiliar, Kifi is a small startup that focused on building extensions that collected and analyzed links shared on social networking services like Twitter.

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spaces Stories May 16, 2016

Update: Spaces is now live on the Play StoreApp Store, and on the web.

Google can’t seem to stop making social networks and messaging apps. In fairness, the just announced Spaces is referred to as a tool for small group sharing. While similar to the Communities feature that Google+ is now built around, the new app seems like a much more focused version of group messaging that better highlights content.

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spaces Stories December 9, 2014

Blackphone, the Android-powered smartphone that aims to be the most secure handset in the world, has announced a slew of new features for an upcoming revamp of its PrivatOS operating system. Most notable is the addition of “Spaces,” which will provide users an easy way to separate apps and secure accounts & data between multiple “environments.” Blackphone has also announced the launch of what it claims is the world’s very first privacy-focused app marketplace…

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