Spark Mail Stories January 9

Picking an Android email client is never easy, but Spark offers some neat functionality courtesy of a new Android 13 facelift.

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Spark Mail Stories November 21, 2019

The spiritual successor to Inbox, Spark, now has a dark mode on mobile

Despite saying goodbye to Inbox earlier this year, we do have a spiritual successor in the form of Spark. The email client is by no means an outright replacement but the good news is that unlike Inbox, there is now a dedicated dark mode for Spark on Android and iOS.

Spark Mail Stories April 3, 2019

Inbox is dead, long live Inbox! Well, despite the love for Inbox by Gmail, it finally ceases to function for the vast majority and will now simply be a relic of email organization likely broken down and scavenged for parts by the real Gmail team.

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Spark Mail Stories April 2, 2019

[Update: Now available] Spark Mail for Android arrives on April 2nd, just in time for Inbox by Gmail’s death

Google’s Spring Cleaning for 2019 is killing off some beloved apps and services, and Inbox by Gmail is one of the biggest casualties. This past weekend, one possible replacement for that app confirmed its Android release date. Spark Mail arrives on Android the day Inbox dies.

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