Terra Bella Stories February 3, 2017

Last month a report surfaced suggesting that Alphabet was looking to sell off its satellite division, Terra Bella. Google purchased the company — formerly known as Skybox Imaging — back in 2014 for roughly $500 million. Now, in a statement on their website, Planet Labs has announced that it will be purchasing Terra Bella from Google…

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Terra Bella Stories January 9, 2017

Acquired in 2014 and rebranded just last year, Alphabet is reportedly selling off its Terra Bella satellite company (via Bloomberg). Originally aimed at providing up-to-date imagery for disaster relief and later internet service, Alphabet continues to trim down its financially costly projects.

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Terra Bella Stories April 13, 2016

Nat & Lo’s last video detailed Google Now’s more natural sounding voice, and now their latest takes a tour of Terra Bella, Google’s recently rebranded satellite company. The video offers a good primer on the making and operation of satellites, as well as the company’s plan to launch a constellation of them by year’s end.

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