Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Stories November 9, 2018


At the official launch of Xiaomi in the United Kingdom yesterday, the company announced that only one of their latest flagship devices — the Mi 8 Pro — will be made available to European users officially for the first time. That said, we are a little disappointed that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 slider phone was nowhere to be seen at this launch. This might be of interest with the company heading to New York next month for a user taster session, which will no doubt include this device amongst the handsets that you can get to grips with. expand full story

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Stories November 8, 2018


Xiaomi might have made waves in the Far East, but until now they haven’t officially been available in many Western nations. At the official UK launch of the brand, Xiaomi announced the global release of the powerhouse Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro and that it will be available in the UK from £499. expand full story

Here’s where to watch the Xiaomi official UK launch event, likely including Mi 8 Pro [Livestream]

Today marks the first steps in Xiaomi’s big move into the Western market with what the Chinese company is calling the ‘global launch’ of their popular Mi 8 Pro devices amongst almost all of the Xiaomi product lineup.

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