BGR posts a quick report on the launch of the next “Google Phone” which is said to carry Android 4.0 dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich”.  According to their sources, Google is planning to launch the new device in the same window as the iPhone 5, which we’re hearing is slated to start pre-orders in early October.

We have been told that Google is looking to push up the release of Ice Cream Sandwich devices as Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected in September or October, and the Mountain View-based company doesn’t want potential customers coming out of contracts (especially original DROID owners) and “drooling over the iPhone 5.

While ‘Droid’ owners are on Verizon, which hasn’t traditionally carried the Nexus devices, Google will likely want to keep people from leaving its platform.  Also with the iPhone 5 in its crosshairs is the Galaxy S2 from Samsung which is said to be coming to all four big US carriers in the coming months.  

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One Response to “Google plans launch of next Nexus phone to coincide with iPhone 5?”

  1. Michael says:

    I will never buy an ICS phone if it looks as ugly as that picture.
    Bottom is for buttons, top is for notifications.