To check the validity of claims that the Nexus 5 has a poor shooter, we took 10 different pictures with both a Nexus 5 and the reigning champ of smartphone cameras –  the iPhone 5s.  We even split the test over two different Nexus 5s and iPhone 5s devices.  The comparison test is below. We’ll publish the results tomorrow.

Let’s see how the Nexus 5 fares against the champ:

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11 Responses to “Nexus 5 vs. iPhone 5s Photo Poll: You be the judge!”

  1. Looking forward to seeing the results! The Nexus 5 is competing against a phone that costs twice as much and has a screen (seemingly) half its size. I would have expected much larger differences in the photos (like the one with the little girl).

  2. I bet you people are voting for the one thats not as nice looking knowing that its the nexus version of the picture

  3. David Joyce says:

    I think for an even more thorough test, you need to get some shots of moving subjects. Everything taken seemed stationary or posing for the shot. That’s not ideal for all situations shutterbugs are in. Also, the time it takes to focus and take an actual photo with the 5S differs immensely from the N5 whose focus is annoyingly slow and response time between clicking and actually getting the shot is too.

  4. Are the results available yet?

  5. the left looks more light and right one is bit realistic..even the focus is different and im waitng for the result

  6. I didn’t get the result…

  7. Where can we see results?

  8. the right photo of the sushi would’ve look better with the right focus