LG G3 confirmed for Sprint, AT&T Verizon and T-Mobile


Today, LG officially announced its new G3 flagship smartphone and of course it’s coming to America’s big four. The South Korean-made smartphone is set to release sometime this summer and it will ship with a couple of carrier specifics. Sprint will be the only US carrier to offer a gold variant of the handset, so if you’re enjoying emerging hue, you’ll have to ride with the folks in Overland Park, Kansas. T-Mobile and AT&T have confirmed that they’ll both carry the LG G3, with the former boasting an opportunity to win the device before its official release.

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LG G3 announcement: Specifications, features, and release date


LG has finally unveiled the upcoming G3. It’s possible that this will be the most leaked smartphone of 2014, but at least all of the specifications and features are official now. This device is definitely a big step up from the G2 and will be a strong contender against the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8. So what can you expect from the LG G3? Take a look at the full overview below.

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Toshiba’s $110 Excite Go brings KitKat to frugal tablet enthusiasts


The budget tablet market has just gained a $110 contender from Toshiba and its offerings aren’t half bad. Today, the company announced the Excite Go, a 7-inch slab that features a 1,024 x 600 display, a quad-core Intel Atom processor, up to 16GB of storage space and Android 4.4 KitKat. While these specs may not knock your socks off, they’re fairly generous when compared to HP’s latest budget-friendly tablet, which ships with a similar asking price.

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Report: Google “considering” purchase of Dropcam, Apple has also shown interest


Earlier this year Google acquired smart-thermostat company Nest, and according to a new report out of The Information, the company is not planning on stopping its quest to enter the home automation and security market. The report claims that Google has “considered” acquiring Dropcam, the makers of a system that streams live footage directly to phones and computers.

The report goes on to say that the status of talks and negotiations between the two companies is unclear at this point and that spokespeople for both companies did not reply to requests for comment.

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Google-owned VirusTotal releases Mac-compatible version of malware detection app


Google-owned VirusTotal today released a version of the VirusTotal uploader application (via The Next Web) compatible with Mac OS X. Previously the software was only available for Windows-based machines.

VirusTotal Uploader works in conjunction with the VirusTotal web service to check files and links for malware. Google hopes that the release of the software for the Mac will help users more easily detect attacks on Apple’s platform. From the VirusTotal blog:

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Samsung patent filings show gesture-controlled wearable device with round interface


Samsung unveiled a handful of new wearable devices earlier this year, but according to some recently discovered patent filings, the company still has some more ideas in the pipeline. First discovered by SammyToday, Samsung has recently filed for a plethora of patents relating to a new wearable device that strongly resembles the Moto 360 and its circular design. The patents detail a plethora of features about the device, as well as some basic mockups of its design.

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‘Right to be forgotten’ ruling in Europe won’t apply to Google in U.S. say commentators


A ruling by Europe’s top court that individuals have a right to require Google to remove sensitive information from search results is unlikely to apply in the USA, according to a number of commentators quoted in an Associated Press piece.

But across the Atlantic, the idea that users should be able to edit Google search results in the name of privacy is being slammed as weird and difficult to enforce at best and a crackdown on free speech at worst …

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YouTube’s music streaming service reportedly delayed further due to negotiations with indie labels


We’ve been hearing rumors of a YouTube streaming music service for what feels like forever, but according to a report out of the New York Times, the service has hit yet another snag. A report last month claimed that the service was delayed because YouTube and Google were approaching it with a “get it right” attitude and wanted to make the first version of the product as good as its competitors like Spotify and Rdio. This report, however, claims that YouTube has run into licensing troubles with independent music labels.

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Early images of alleged Android in the Car interface leak

At the beginning of this year, Google and Nvidia teamed up with car manufacturers to form the Open Automotive Alliance. The two companies partnered with GM, Honda, Audi, and Hyundai and agreed to work together to form an interface in-car entertainment systems. Ever since that announcement in January, we have heard absolutely nothing about the progression of the alliance, aside from a couple of vague rumors.

Android Police, however, has now obtained quite a bit of information about the system, including tentative interface designs and functionality. The report claims that Android in the Car’s basic interface will center around four “distinct spaces.” Those spaces are navigation, music, telephony, and search.

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Google finally launches mobile web version of the Play Store

You may have not noticed that it didn’t exist, but Google has just now launched a new fully functional mobile web version of the Play Store. Previously, navigating the Play Store website on a mobile device was a pretty big pain as you were forced to use the desktop version of the site.

The mobile version of the Play Store is fully functional and works just as you’d expect it to. Navigation is relatively smooth thanks to a slideout navigation panel. Everything you can do with the Play Store app and desktop Play Store, you can do with the mobile version. One notable advantage, however, is that you can purchase devices with the mobile web version, something that the Play Store app still lacks for some odd reason. You could also install apps to your device with it if for some reason you don’t want to use the app interface.

The mobile web Play Store is live now. You can view it by simply going to play.google.com on any mobile device.

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Chromecast streaming now available from PornHub


When Google announced the Chromecast last year, we knew that the search giant’s media stick would be used to stream a wide variety of media types. So it’s no surprise that one of the adult entertainment industry’s biggest players has adopted support for the company’s budding new platform. The MindGeek-owned operation PornHub now offers Chromecast as a streaming option from its mobile website when visiting it from Chrome for Android.


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