Google’s Zagat app makes its way to the iPad, complete with ratings for shops and & hotels

Earlier this year, Google launched Zagat for iPhone and iPod touch. The application is Google’s form of allowing users to discover new places, such as restaurants, across many cities in the United States. Today, Google has updated the application with support for the iPad’s larger display. Also in the mix is support for ratings and reviews for shops and restaurants. Support for Charleston, South Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee has also been added. The 2.0 update is free on the App Store.

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After recall, Google releases updated HP Chromebook 11 with newly-designed power adapter

Google recalled the power adapters to its popular little HP Chromebook 11 last week after an investigation by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said that some of the AC adapters were overheating and could be dangerous. Google had previously pulled them off the shelves of various retailers pending the results of the investigation.

The recall was an unfortunate stain on rep of the little guy which we loved in our review (and didn’t see any overheating on) – especially since the revolutionary feature of the device was its ability to be charged by ANY micro-USB cord from almost any USB port, battery or charger (including other laptops).

Today, Google sent me an updated HP Chromebook 11 with the new power cord which actually looks like a smaller version of the Chromebook Pixel’s power supply with a micro-USB tip. The power supply is made by LITEON in China and send 5.25V of power to the Chromebook at 3.0A. That’s a lot more than your average micro-USB charge, which will still power/recharge the battery of the HP Chromebook 11, albeit at a much slower rate.

These should be shipping out to retailers and online soon. Google’s Play store still says “Coming Soon” but I imagine if I have one, Google’s Store will soon have them as well.

The new adapter works as advertised in the little amount of time I’ve given it and we can again give the green light to those who might want to pick up a last minute $269 holiday item. Read more

Google Play Music source code hints at ability to upload songs via the browser


According to source code discovered by the unofficial Google System Blog, Google Play Music users will soon get the ability to upload music directly to the service from directly within their browser. As of right now, in order to upload files to the service, you have to download Google’s Music Manager app and select which files you would like to upload.

The source code discovered reads  “Drag songs or folders here to add music to your library. Or, if you prefer, select from your computer.” Google already allows users to drag and drop files to nearly all of its other online services, so it makes sense that Play Music would be next in line to receive the feature.

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Unauthorized face recognition app ‘FaceRec’ to soon be available on Google Glass


When Google announced Glass, people instantly became worried about the privacy implications that came with it. One of the biggest questions surrounded the potential to use the device for some sort of facial recognition. Google quickly confirmed that it would not allow such apps to be officially installed on the device, but as we all know,  there are multiple ways to install an app to Glass and Google can’t stop everything.

Forbes reports on a new app, dubbed FaceRec, that will collect and catalog images of faces a user sees throughout the day. In addition to faces, the app will also work with things like computer screens and license plates. The app will integrate the image data collected with location coordinates to create a map. This will allow users to go back and see exactly who they saw and where they saw them. 

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Google updates its Free Play Music list with Nine Inch Nails, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Phil Collins, more

Google has once again refreshed its free Google Play Music playlist for its December Deals offering with new music for you to grab. This week’s artist once again includes an interesting range of performers including Nine Inch Nails, Stevie Wonder, 2Pac, and Amy Winehouse.

What’s more is the playlist leads with Taylor Swift and follows with Kanye West, the two of which famously made headlines together following the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards when Kanye unapologetically interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

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Yahoo building Google Now/Siri voice-controlled competitor

Update: TechCrunch reports that this video is fake.

Update #2: TechCrunch now reports the video is real and commissioned by Yahoo!, but not a real product yet.

With Yahoo’s acquisition of SkyPhrase, a natural language processing startup this month questions immediately arose as to how Yahoo would incorporate the technology. Now, thanks to a video on Daily Motion discovered by Android Police, we may have our answer as Yahoo prepares a Google Now/Siri voice-controlled personal assistant.

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Google adds a few more goodies to Glass before years end

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 1.50.14 PM

Google just dropped a few more updates for Glass via Google+ to help end 2013 in the best way possible. Included in this shiny new update are the Wall Street Journal, Weather Alerts, Winkfeed (different from yesterday), Upload to YouTube and Hangouts. All in all, it’s a pretty hefty update for Glass fans and offers a few more reasons to consider shelling out $1500 courtesy of the money you got from returning all those ugly sweaters your grandparents are preparing to give you on Christmas day.

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