AAWireless Stories February 10

AAWireless adapter for wireless Android Auto returns after going out of stock for weeks

Wireless Android Auto is easier than ever to get, with AAWireless being one of the best options available. After a few weeks missing from Amazon, AAWireless is back in stock.

AAWireless Stories December 19, 2022

AAWireless adapter for wireless Android Auto stock returns as production moves out of China

It’s easier than ever to get wireless Android Auto in your car thanks to adapters, and the first company to tackle that goal was AAWireless. Now, AAWireless is making a couple of moves behind-the-scenes including pulling production of the device out of China and revamping the packaging.

AAWireless Stories November 24, 2022

AAWireless adapter for wireless Android Auto celebrates two-year anniversary with a discount

The adapter that started it all is now two years old. AAWireless is this week celebrating the two-year anniversary of its wireless Android Auto adapter with a discount and a look back at how things have changed.

AAWireless Stories October 11, 2022

AAWireless adapter for wireless Android Auto gets its first discount ever

If you’ve been holding out to get a wireless adapter for Android Auto, today might be your day. AAWireless, the very first wireless Android Auto adapter and one of our favorites is getting its first discount for Amazon’s deal week.

AAWireless Stories August 29, 2022

AAWireless, the first wireless Android Auto dongle, has officially graduated from Indiegogo [U]

Android Auto is a more useful tool when it’s wireless, and dongles have made that remarkably easy over the past couple of years. AAWireless was the first dongle to make that process easy, and now it’s finally reached the end of its Indiegogo period.

AAWireless Stories August 8, 2022

You can now get the AAWireless adapter for wireless Android Auto from Amazon

Wireless Android Auto has quickly become a reality for many thanks to the rise of aftermarket adapters, but some of them are still remarkably difficult to obtain. Now, the original wireless Android Auto adapter, AAWireless, is making its way to Amazon.

AAWireless Stories June 21, 2022

You can now buy the first wireless Android Auto adapter, AAWireless, directly for $89

If you’ve ever wanted to use Android Auto in its wireless form, an adapter to do so has probably come on your radar. Now, after almost two years in the works, the first wireless Android Auto adapter, AAWireless, can finally be purchased directly.

AAWireless Stories April 29, 2022

Wireless Android Auto is incredibly convenient, but it’s still relatively rare to find this feature built into your vehicle. However, a simple wireless Android Auto adapter makes it incredibly easy to add the functionality — here are some of the biggest questions about the products.

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AAWireless Stories January 21, 2022

Systems like Android Auto and CarPlay are designed to make interacting with messages, calls, and media safer and more convenient in the car, but when they first debuted they came with the caveat of requiring you to connect a cable. While that’s a simple task, it’s one that quick trips would often not really justify. That’s what AAWireless, a dongle that adds wireless Android Auto to your car, tries to solve.

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AAWireless Stories March 19, 2021

‘AAWireless’ dongle for Android Auto gets an unfortunate price increase due to CPU swap

As the first units are shipping to early backers, some unfortunate news has hit the popular “AAWireless” dongle that brings wireless Android Auto to more vehicles — it’s going to get a price increase.

AAWireless Stories March 9, 2021

Android Auto has been around for several years at this point and continues to evolve and improve with updates. However, most people are stuck with the wired version of the platform, missing the convenience of wireless. Good news, though — the clever AAWireless dongle is starting to ship this week.

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AAWireless Stories December 14, 2020

The promise of Android Auto Wireless is a simple one — bringing the same useful software to a car’s display but minus the cable. Unfortunately, the vast majority of cars sold with Android Auto lack wireless functionality without an easy way to add it. That’s where the incredibly clever “AAWireless” steps in.

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AAWireless Stories September 7, 2020

Android Auto makes it easier —though not necessarily safer — to use navigation apps and control media while driving. However, there’s one bit of friction in setting up the system when it comes to the actual connection. The vast majority of cars use a cable to run Android Auto, but an ambitious project plans to bring the wireless version of Google’s platform to your current car using just a dongle.

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