AAWireless Stories March 19

‘AAWireless’ dongle for Android Auto gets an unfortunate price increase due to CPU swap

As the first units are shipping to early backers, some unfortunate news has hit the popular “AAWireless” dongle that brings wireless Android Auto to more vehicles — it’s going to get a price increase.

AAWireless Stories March 9

Android Auto has been around for several years at this point and continues to evolve and improve with updates. However, most people are stuck with the wired version of the platform, missing the convenience of wireless. Good news, though — the clever AAWireless dongle is starting to ship this week.

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AAWireless Stories December 14, 2020

The promise of Android Auto Wireless is a simple one — bringing the same useful software to a car’s display but minus the cable. Unfortunately, the vast majority of cars sold with Android Auto lack wireless functionality without an easy way to add it. That’s where the incredibly clever “AAWireless” steps in.

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AAWireless Stories September 7, 2020

Android Auto makes it easier —though not necessarily safer — to use navigation apps and control media while driving. However, there’s one bit of friction in setting up the system when it comes to the actual connection. The vast majority of cars use a cable to run Android Auto, but an ambitious project plans to bring the wireless version of Google’s platform to your current car using just a dongle.

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