Gboard Stories Today

Back in March, Gboard heavily suggested that it was adding a split keyboard for foldables, and the first look at that design is now here. 

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Gboard Stories May 12

The latest update to Emoji Kitchen is rolling out some new summery sticker combos with watermelons, cherries, and more.

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Gboard Stories April 22

Gboard is your dedicated GIF keyboard.

GIFs have become an integral part of communication in the last few years. Because of that, it makes sense that Google’s keyboard, also known as Gboard, can be a dedicated GIF keyboard on any phone or tablet you own, including Android and iOS devices. This guide will go through how you can use it to find GIFs just as easily as taking a breath.

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Gboard Stories April 1

Google Translate has been updated with a very neat quality-of-life improvement on Android that sees Gboard automatically update languages to improve text entry.

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Gboard Stories March 31

If you ever thought that the current list of premade emojis out there was too restrictive, then you’re in luck. Gboard has a feature set called the Emoji Kitchen, wherein you can combine emojis to make some interesting hybrids. This guide will take you through how to do exactly that.

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Gboard Stories March 30

In addition to getting Custom Text stickers with the latest Pixel Feature Drop, Gboard is now beginning to roll out an “Emojify” capability that’s marked by a magic wand button.

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Gboard Stories March 29

How to restore Assistant voice typing on Pixel 6 by resetting the Google app

Some have found that Google Assistant voice typing no longer works on their Pixel 6 phones. Here’s how to reset the Google app to get things working again.

Gboard Stories March 24

Earlier this year Google added a neat and fun addition to Gboard in its Emoji Kitchen. The feature lets Android users create wacky combinations of different emoji directly on their keyboard, before sending those creations in their favorite apps. Here’s the full list of what’s supported in the Emoji Kitchen, as well as how you can use it on Android, answers about how it works on iOS, and the latest updates to the feature.

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Gboard Stories March 17

As Google has been pushing for better tablet and foldable support in Android, the company’s own Gboard keyboard has somewhat fallen behind. Now, it seems Google is working on improving its support for at least the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with a new layout going live in Gboard and a hint at more coming.

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Once a Pixel 6 exclusive feature, Google seems to have enabled the flagship’s excellent Assistant voice typing on more Pixel phones.

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Gboard Stories March 10

Gboard for Android keeps picking up new features to help you express yourself, and now Google is going a step further by helping out with your grammar on any Android device with “Grammar Check” and adding a new treat for Pixel owners too.

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Gboard Stories March 1

Gboard appears to be testing contextual text-based stickers as an expansion of a similar emoji-based option already available on the popular first-party keyboard for Android.

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Gboard Stories February 18

With the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Google introduced a “Grammar check” capability in Gboard that “works entirely on-device to preserve privacy, detecting and suggesting corrections for grammatical errors while the user is typing.” It’s now appearing on other Pixel phones.

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Gboard Stories January 28

Gboard’s newest Emoji Kitchen addition can make a literal ‘tiger king’

Google has expanded Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen stickers ahead of the Lunar New Year, allowing you to mix tigers into fun combinations, including a literal “tiger king.”

Gboard Stories December 1, 2021

The latest batch of combinations out of Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen allows you to express your emotions through an adorable dog’s face, or give someone the gift they truly deserve this holiday season.

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Gboard Stories October 19, 2021

Since launching in 2019, the new Google Assistant (NGA) has let users issue commands much faster in a back-to-back, as well as offline, manner. The Pixel 6 brings that capability to Gboard for an “Assistant voice typing” experience that is an appreciable upgrade.

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Gboard Stories October 6, 2021

From November of last year to the first few months of 2021, Gboard tested “enhanced voice typing” on Pixel phones with the new Google Assistant. It was a rather wide beta that fulfilled the promise of what was shown off at I/O 2019. The capability was unceremoniously pulled, but “Assistant voice typing” looks to be finally launching with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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Gboard Stories September 30, 2021

Google Japan has a penchant for Gboard/input-related April Fools’ announcements. While April 1st has not been observed by the company for the past two years, one such product idea looks to have been brought back to mark the Kitano Tea Ceremony today: Gboard teacup version.

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Gboard Stories September 28, 2021

Gboard is a keyboard full of neat features and a rock-solid core typing experience, but like any Google product feature, it’s subject to evolve over time. With the Emoji Kitchen rising in popularity, Google has just confirmed it will scrap its “Minis” stickers from Gboard in the not-too-distant future.

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Gboard Stories September 23, 2021

Google’s clever and fun Emoji Kitchen in Gboard is getting another expansion this Fall, this time with a mischievous little goat.

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Gboard Stories August 30, 2021

So far, Gboard has received a Material You redesign that introduced rounded UI elements and support for Dynamic Color. The latest tweak to conform to Material You sees Gboard get circular key popups. 

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Gboard Stories August 27, 2021

Regardless of the size of your smartwatch, inputting information on it can be a pain. Text input is done best by voice, which makes that tech crucial to get right. On Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, the default is Samsung’s engine, but it’s easy to switch over to Gboard for some big improvements.

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Gboard Stories August 22, 2021

Earlier this week, Gboard widely rolled out its Material You redesign and Dynamic Color theme on Android 12. The Google keyboard is also set to get more MY elements and a redesign of settings.

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Gboard Stories August 13, 2021

Gboard now prominently highlights the most likely word suggestion

Besides the flashy Material You redesign on Android 12 and various tweaks to settings in recent weeks, Gboard has gained a small addition where the most likely word suggestion is now prominently highlighted.

Gboard Stories August 5, 2021

With the last Pixel Feature Drop in June, Google touted a new Gboard feature that highlights “key snippets” of copied text with a phone number or address. Gboard 10.9, currently in beta, introduces a setting to disable that feature.

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Gboard Stories August 2, 2021

Besides the Material You redesign becoming more widely available on Android 12 today, Gboard introduced new settings for “Emojis, Stickers & GIFs” that provide better control over related suggestions and the appearance of expressive media. 

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With Beta 3 earlier this week, Google’s upcoming design language is appearing in more places throughout the OS. Some Android 12 users are now seeing the Gboard Material You redesign live.

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Gboard Stories June 15, 2021

One of the best features of Gboard is its extremely clever and fun Emoji Kitchen. On the back of another update rolling out now, Google is also rolling out an updated library for the Emoji Kitchen. Here’s the good news. Finally, Google is giving its beloved blobs some attention, inserting them into the Emoji Kitchen and resulting in some truly adorable combinations.

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Gboard will soon offer Emoji Kitchen suggestions suited to your conversation

Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen, which mixes together emojis to fantastic effect, is getting smarter, suggesting the perfect sticker for the conversation at hand.

Gboard Stories June 10, 2021

Android 12 Beta 2 launched yesterday with the wallpaper-based theming announced at Google I/O. We already provided a preview of the upcoming support in Google Messages, and now here’s an early look at the Material You “Dynamic Color” theme in the works for Gboard.

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Gboard Stories May 25, 2021

Android 12 brings the biggest visual overhaul to the platform we’ve seen in recent years with a major revamp to Material Design. The redesign leans pretty heavily on rounded UI elements, and now, Gboard is rolling out a take on this design with rounded buttons to some users.

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Gboard Stories May 16, 2021

For the past several versions, Google has been working on new Gboard themes that have rolled out to very few users. Gboard 10.6 from earlier this week reveals that a more significant redesign for Pixel phones running Android 12 is actively being developed.

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Gboard Stories May 11, 2021

Gboard clipboard starts surfacing and suggesting recent screenshots

As we spotted at the start of this year, Google is now starting to surface recently captured screenshots directly in the Gboard clipboard for convenient pasting.

Gboard Stories May 8, 2021

This week, Google introduced Gboard to Wear OS in one of the first wearable app launches in quite some time. One related benefit of Gboard is a much better keypad for entering your PIN on the Wear OS screen lock.

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Gboard Stories May 6, 2021

Gboard today is available on Android, iOS, Google/Android TV, and is now coming to Wear OS. The company touts this as bringing “faster and easier messaging” to your wearable.

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Gboard Stories April 23, 2021

The clipboard manager in Gboard is a really solid addition, but it might level up soon as a scrolling suggestion bar looks to be in testing with some users.

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Gboard Stories April 2, 2021

Introduced widely late last year, Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen is a fun twist on regular emoji that can create some crazy, sometimes cursed creations. Now, the Emoji Kitchen feature is expanding to support more emoji from the Unicode 13.1 standard.

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Gboard Stories March 30, 2021

Gboard’s elusive Google Sans font appears to be rolling out again for some users

Gboard often runs A/B tests for new features, themes, and other tweaks, and it appears another one is rolling out this week. Some Gboard users on Android are reporting the return of the Google Sans font after it first appeared last year.

Gboard Stories March 19, 2021

After we first spotted in August, Gboard is now rolling out an “enhanced voice typing” experience that features the new Google Assistant found on the latest Pixel phones.

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Gboard Stories February 25, 2021

Gboard 10.3 adds setting to turn off clipboard suggestions on Android

Last year, Gboard introduced clipboard suggestions so that users don’t have to long-press when pasting text. A beta update to Google’s Android keyboard today lets you disable that option.

Gboard Stories January 22, 2021

Last month, Gboard started testing an updated theme and “enhanced voice typing” for Pixel phones with the new Google Assistant. Gboard 10.2 rolled out to beta users last night with work on expanding themes, as well as a handful of other features.

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Gboard Stories December 8, 2020

Google’s Gboard keyboard has been getting a few tweaks over the past few months. Now, a few months after we first spotted it and following a very limited rollout in September, Gboard seems to be rolling out its revised font and new theme in beta.

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Gboard Stories December 3, 2020

Earlier this year, Google began “cooking” up stickers in Gboard that mix emojis into wild combinations. Gboard’s “emoji kitchen” and its expanded collection of over 14,000 stickers is rolling out for all Android users.

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Gboard Stories November 10, 2020

The latest preview of Google’s Android keyboard briefly tested a new Assistant-powered voice typing experience last week. That has since disappeared, but Gboard is now asking beta users to screenshot their current screen to “help improve Autofill.”

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Gboard Stories October 16, 2020

Not long ago, Google added a wacky and unique “emoji kitchen” to its Gboard keyboard on Android, creating hilarious stickers on the fly. Now, that feature is getting a pretty big upgrade. Gboard can now create emoji stickers based on a user’s combinations.

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Gboard Stories October 2, 2020

Gboard for Android has added some neat — and highly requested — features to the popular mobile keyboard. The latest addition hints that Google wants us using more emoji as the spelling or word suggestion bar now manages to cram in extra icons in the latest Gboard release.

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Gboard Stories September 28, 2020

Google is rolling out Gboard for Android TV w/ condensed layout

Earlier this year, Google announced that a big refresh would be coming to Android TV’s keyboard. “Gboard TV” is now rolling out to Android TV, complete with a fresh design.

Gboard Stories August 21, 2020

Google’s Gboard offers the ability for users to set themes as they see fit, but for the longest time, it ignored the system’s dark mode setting. After showing up a few weeks ago, Gboard is now rolling out the “System Auto” theme to users enrolled in beta.

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