Gboard Stories April 2

Introduced widely late last year, Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen is a fun twist on regular emoji that can create some crazy, sometimes cursed creations. Now, the Emoji Kitchen feature is expanding to support more emoji from the Unicode 13.1 standard.

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Gboard Stories March 30

Gboard’s elusive Google Sans font appears to be rolling out again for some users

Gboard often runs A/B tests for new features, themes, and other tweaks, and it appears another one is rolling out this week. Some Gboard users on Android are reporting the return of the Google Sans font after it first appeared last year.

Gboard Stories March 19

After we first spotted in August, Gboard is now rolling out an “enhanced voice typing” experience that features the new Google Assistant found on the latest Pixel phones.

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Gboard Stories February 25

Gboard 10.3 adds setting to turn off clipboard suggestions on Android

Last year, Gboard introduced clipboard suggestions so that users don’t have to long-press when pasting text. A beta update to Google’s Android keyboard today lets you disable that option.

Gboard Stories January 22

Last month, Gboard started testing an updated theme and “enhanced voice typing” for Pixel phones with the new Google Assistant. Gboard 10.2 rolled out to beta users last night with work on expanding themes, as well as a handful of other features.

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Gboard Stories December 8, 2020

Google’s Gboard keyboard has been getting a few tweaks over the past few months. Now, a few months after we first spotted it and following a very limited rollout in September, Gboard seems to be rolling out its revised font and new theme in beta.

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