Motorola Mobility is in the middle of a website redesign that might have inadvertently (or intentionally) leaked five new Android devices. PocketNow discovered¬†images and references to a Dick Tracy watchphone that looks like an Android-powered remote watch Sony Ericsson was working on, later released as the LiveView. Website graphics refers to a Motorola watchphone as the Tracy XL. The tagline pitches it as a gizmo “Dick Tracy never saw coming”. The device apparently sports a front-facing eight-megapixel camera that captures full HD video in 1080p.

The remaining leaks include a second-generation Xoom, a phone called Pearl and two really hot-looking slim handsets code-named Slimline and Zaha. The fact that the images have been removed “at the request of Motorola Mobility, Inc.” (but not before AndroidCommunity got a chance to re-post them) is usually a tell-tale indication of the leaks being the real deal. Check out the phone hotness and two more images below the fold.

The Targa, according to PhoneArena, is said to be a fourth-generation LTE handset for the Verizon Wireless network. Likely to be branded as the Droid Bionic brand, the device is said to pack in “some really top-notch hardware”. The Slimline and Zaha, as the former’s name suggest, appear to be really thin Android smartphones. The Slimline at its thinnest point will be “smaller than a flick of paper”, the banner says. “The Future is Now” tagline adorns the Zaha graphics, revealing a rather sleek and presumable speedy smartphone. The Xoom 2, a likely Xoom successor, appears at the bottom of every banner, PocketNow describing it as “more sculpturally lovely device than its predecessor”.

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