Although Google’s own apps like the Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube all top the list, Nielsen’s latest report has Facebook as the most popular Android app among users 18 years and older in the US.

The study analyzed usage data over thirty days from consumers who voluntarily installed the firm’s proprietary monitoring software on their smartphones. The study found Facebook as the most popular app reaching approximately 80 percent of users in age groups 18-24 and 25-34. The app also reached more than three quarters of the 35-44 age group. This is of course not taking the Android Market into consideration, which is obviously the most used app hovering around 92% among all age groups…

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Not surprisingly Gmail is also one of the most used apps, reaching 70% among 18-24s, 80% among 25-34s, and 77% among 35-44s. Google Maps also did well at around 73% of all users. Other Google properties to top of the list include Google Search and YouTube. When it comes to non-Google apps, Angry Birds reached 29% of 25-34s, and 35% to 35-44s, while Pandora Radio reached 30% of 18-24s, 29% of 25-34s, and 35% of 35-44s. Noteworthy is just far ahead of other third-party apps Facebook is– approximately 80% compared to 35%.

Also notable the Amazon App Store’s appearance on the list, reaching 24% of the 35-44 age group, 22% of the 25-34s, and 14% of the 18-24s. Other third-party apps to make the list include Quickoffice among those 25 and older, Yahoo! Mail, Words With Friends, and Advanced Task Killer Free. Click the graphic above to check out the full list.

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