Google’s homepage today features an animated video for the first drive-in theatre coupled with a notice below the search field that informs folks of the IPv6 protocol rollout.

So, lets discuss the cool animation first: Double click on the video for aggregated search results on the “opening of the first drive-in theater.” A quick perusal details how R.M. Hollingshead Corporation debuted the drive-in theater 79 years ago today in New Jersey. The original lot on Admiral Wilson Boulevard at the Airport Circle in Pennsauken squeezed in 400 cars, but it eventually inspired thousands of locations to pop-up around the country. Eventually the phenomena of watching a movie from within a car became a favorite American pastime.

Go below for more information on IPv6.

Google is also switching over to IPv6 from IPv4 today. The most noteworthy aspect to this transition, as SearchEngineLand pointed out, is that the new protocol increases the address base from about 4 billion addresses to 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based Company offers more information about IPv6 at, with a test at An elaborate video explanation by Vint Cerf,  one of the Internet’s founders and subsequent Googler, is below.

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