Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

“Bad” is the main word that stands out in the latest post by Google on the official AdSense blog, and the Internet giant repeats it that exact amount of times, too. But, why? Invalid activity, that’s why.

Google wants its publishing partners to keep AdSense strong, and, as it stated, that means “keeping good publishers’ accounts in good standing, while also protecting advertisers and users from fraudulent activity.” So, Google is making changes and adding tools to pinpoint bad actors (a.k.a. inactive/fraudulent publishers), stop bad ads, prevent bad clicks, and keep bad sites and bad traffic out of the network.

The video above gives a brief summary of what Google is talking about, while it’s blog post further details all the changes, which include:

— Considering tenure more actively when responding to detected invalid activity. — Allotting publishers tools to submit more informative appeals via a new form. — Providing more details on invalid activity’s causes via  an email or a notification.

More changes below.

— Describing the causes of invalid activity at the Ad Traffic Quality Resource Center. — Reviewing the the “do’s and don’ts” of ad traffic in the expanded AdSense Academy. — Kicking off a video series that explains Google’s policies.

“When everything is working well, advertisers trust our network and continue to invest in it, which generates revenue for you the publisher, ultimately funding the free content users love,” explained Google Product Management Director Jonathan Bellack.

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