A message reported by a Google+ users suggests that Google’s rumored Babel integrated messaging service may be close to launch:


The screengrab posted by Patrick Dhawaan shows the message All conversations have been moved to the Trash. Because one or more are part of a Babel chat, these messages are still available in other Babel chat applications …


Google is rumored to be integrating all of its disparate chat services (Google Talk, Hangout, Voice, Messenger, etc) into a single service – or at least unifying them under a single name.

An increasing number of references to Babel/Bable/Babble have been spotted, for example in Google support messages (thanks, Roga Moore), but a reference in a current Google message suggests that it may be very close to launch – and that Babel may be the spelling.

As we noted earlier, Google is also rumored to be planning to buy the WhatsApp chat service, through whether this is to use the technology, acquire the subscribers or simply defend against competitors is as yet unknown.

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