Google on Tuesday released a new Google+ Photos app for the Chromebook Pixel. The company originally demoed the app when the Pixel was announced, but is just now releasing it to the public. The app lets you log in with your Goolge+ account and backup any photos on your Chromebook to the service.

For example, if you plug-in an external SD card the app will automatically back the pictures up to the Google+ servers. You can choose to upload them in either full resolution or Google’s default 2048 pixel wide format, though there’s a cap when it comes to uploading at full resolution. When offline, you have the ability to view your most recently uploaded photos, as well as anything on your external storage device. All your images that are uploaded are private at first, but you have the ability to share them with the public or individual people, as well.

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As far as design goes, the app offers an interface similar to the one found on the Google+ website. When you view multiple images, you will be presented with a grid-like design. You can view either all your images at once or break them down into albums. When viewing a single image, you are given some basic editing options, as well as any comments from the people the image is shared with. Along the bottom is a row of other pictures in the album.

The app can be downloaded from Google’s dedicated Pixel website now. The company says it is working to bring it to other Chromebooks soon.

Via: TechCrunch

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