photos Stories August 24, 2016


Storage space is something that both consumers and tech giants have issues with at some point or another, and a big reason for that is photos. Some users host thousands of photos on their device at any given time, and with services like Google Photos, Google is hosting millions of photos with more coming everyday. Now the company is working on a new JPEG compression method that allows smaller files sizes compared to current standards, and it’s all done using neural networks

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photos Stories June 7, 2016

motion-stills (1)

Google’s latest photography app — following behind others such as Google Photos and Snapseed — stabilizes iOS Live Photos and turns them into shareable GIFs and short movie clips. The app can create still images by freezing the background of a Live Photo and makes short videos that feature sweeping cinematic pans. The free Motion Stills app comes to us from Google Research and is only available on iOS…

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You can now quickly rotate images in Google Photos with a keyboard shortcut

If you — like me — have enabled auto-upload to Google Photos on pretty much all of your devices, you’ve surely noticed that some photos just don’t arrive on the site with the correct orientation sometimes. The Google Photos editor — which also has filters, brightness control, etc. — is an easy fix for this (it only take a few clicks), but now Google has made rotating photos in the app even easier with a quick keyboard shortcut that you can use when viewing any photo…

photos Stories May 11, 2016

Shared Albums in Google Photos gain commenting and smart suggestions

Launched at the end of last year, Shared Albums in Google Photos will now let people comment on pictures. As part of the Android and iOS update, a new smart suggestions feature will also recommend the right photos to add to a Shared Album.

photos Stories April 5, 2016

Facebook’s Android app will soon be able to identify photo contents and voice descriptions to blind users

At a time when so many Facebook posts comprise a photo and a brief comment, there’s one group of people who get rather left out of the picture: those who are blind and partially sighted. That’s a problem Facebook is determined to fix.

From today, the company’s iOS app uses artificial intelligence to figure out the content of photos, and Apple’s VoiceOver feature to read aloud a description of them – and it says the same functionality will be coming to the Android app.

photos Stories March 28, 2016

Pinterest-like image saving and tagging feature added to Google Search on the web

Last year, Google added a Pinterest-like photo saving and tagging feature to Image search. It was first available on the mobile web for Android and iOS, but starting today Google is rolling out the feature to desktop search.

photos Stories March 22, 2016


Google Photos launched last year with numerous smart features, like face and object detection, that make sorting and finding your photos much easier. While the Assistant feature can already create photo collages and animations from burst shots, albums are about to get smarter with more features in an update rolling out today…

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photos Stories March 2, 2016


Following this morning’s update that added more editing tools to Google Photos website, the Android app has received a slight redesign. Besides the new design and performance enhancements, editing tools and other functionality remains the same.

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photos Stories February 25, 2016

Google created a neural network that can accurately guess where a photo was taken

Google has trained a neural network, named PlaNet, to figure out where an image was taken down to the city and even exact street level. The machine only needs to analyze a photo’s pixels in order to accomplish the task.

photos Stories February 12, 2016

Google is finally shutting down Picasa on May 1, but many of its features will still work

Before Google Photos, there was Google+ Photos and prior to that Picasa. Google acquired the desktop photos management app in 2004 and made it free. While Google announced today that they are shutting down Picasa, diehard users will still be able to use quite a few features.

photos Stories February 4, 2016

Google Photos adds quick access to pics taken on same day, Snapseed gains new automatic features

Both of Google’s excellent photo apps received an update this week. Version 1.13 of Google Photos adds a new feature to easily look at other photos taken on the same day when in search, while Snapseed now has several new automatic features, like face detection.

photos Stories January 15, 2016

Inbox by Gmail adds Photos-integreated attachment picker, posts can be pinned to Google+ Profile

Google has been sprucing up their web apps this week as the first new updates of 2016 start to trickle in. Inbox by Gmail on the web adds a super convenient photo and attachment picker, while Google Plus now allows users to pin posts to their profiles.

photos Stories December 28, 2015

google glass enterprise edition

Earlier this year, we told you across several exclusive reports that new Google Glass hardware was on the way, namely a device Google has been working on for more than a year aimed at the workplace. Now, several months later (and with many interesting reports about Google’s mysterious Project Aura having surfaced since), we have our first look at the device in the flesh…

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photos Stories November 17, 2015

photos tweet - free up space

Google is adding some new space saving features to Photos on both the web and Android. A new feature rolling out to the web client starting Wednesday will give the option to downgrade photos previous backed up in full resolution to the compressed mode in order to save space. And on Android, there’s a new “Free up space” button being added to the settings menu that deletes already backed up photos… expand full story

photos Stories October 30, 2015


Google has updated the Google Photos app this week, and it’s a fairly substantive update — at least in comparison to the almost-weekly bug fixer updates that Google pushes to many of its apps. The new version brings the face grouping features of the well-reviewed cloud storage service to more countries… expand full story

photos Stories October 29, 2015

Google’s Snapseed now has support for editing RAW photos on Android

Snapseed 2.1 is now rolling out on the Play Store, and there’s one big feature addition: support for editing photos in RAW. In case you didn’t know, RAW support was first brought to the platform with Android Lollipop’s release, and now Google’s own photo editing app is also supporting the format.

Here’s the word, straight from Google’s Anton Daubert:

Today is a big day for Snapseed users! Snapseed 2.1 brings RAW photo editing to your Android device.

Traditionally, shooting and editing RAW photos has been the domain of DSLR cameras and desktop software. But with the RAW capabilities that were added to Android 5 last year, RAW is now becoming important for mobile photography, too.

Snapseed now allows you to edit those RAW photos in the DNG file format right on your mobile device. You can also edit DNGs that were shot on cameras or converted from other RAW formats.

If you’re not exactly familiar with photography format terminology, RAW formats are traditionally associated with DSLR cameras, and they are the most pure form of a photo that preserves everything that the camera captured. This allows you to do more complex edits that would otherwise be impossible with other, more lossy formats.

Google says that in addition to RAW editing features, Snapseed also has “some slight polishes throughout the app” in this version to make navigating it just a bit easier. You can get the app on the Play Store for free.

photos Stories October 19, 2015

OnePlus X photo leak shows white model for the first time

We’ve seen plenty of rumors and leaks for the upcoming OnePlus X. The controversial Chinese Android OEM is expected to announce the new phone at an event in London next week. It seems this phone will be a direct replacement for the OnePlus One, offering some of the same specs as the original ‘flagship killer’, but in an updated form factor. A new photo leaked over on Chinese social media site, Weibo (found by GizmoChina), shows both black and white versions of the device side-by-side.

Up until now, only the black version of the phone had been shown in any leaks. With a white one likely to be on the way, it heavily supports the theory that this will, indeed, replace the OnePlus One at the bottom of the company’s product line. The image also suggests the back of the device will be all-glass, similar to the iPhone 4/4S, with a metal frame all around the device, with antenna bands.

Other specs we’re expecting include a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM and 16GB storage, as leaked previously by Chinese retailer, Oppomart. The OnePlus X will purportedly also feature a 5-inch 1080p display, measure 6.9mm thick and cost just $249 when it launches at the end of this month. Like many new non-Nexus phones, it’s likely the phone will be released with Android Lollipop (with the OxygenOS on top), rather than a Marsmallow-based operating system.

photos Stories October 1, 2015


LG last night announced its LG V10 smartphone alongside the forthcoming LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition, but today the company held an event in New York City to show off the new products. We were on the ground at the event to take a look at the goodies, and below you’ll find a photo gallery and a hands-on video with the new Watch Urbane… expand full story

photos Stories September 29, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 17.42.00

Last week we told you that a teardown of the latest version of Google Photos revealed some interesting new features: album collaboration, people labeling, Chromecast support, and more. Now, Google has announced today at its September 29th event that it is making these exact three features official… expand full story

photos Stories August 29, 2015

blackberry-venice-photos If there has been one thing missing from the Android smartphone market over the past few years, it’s a great device with a physical keyboard. In fact, ever since the T-Mobile G2 (HTC Desire Z) hit the market in 2010, there’s been nothing worth paying attention to. That’s why — to me — the rumored BlackBerry Venice is the most exciting phone of the year so far. At least, the most exciting unreleased phone of the year. As each week goes by, the chances of it becoming a real product get stronger. For the first time, the Android-powered BlackBerry has been shown of in real, leaked hands-on photos.

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photos Stories August 19, 2015

Skype for Android updated with personalized ringtones and easier photo sharing

Skype has updated its Android app to version 5.10, allowing you to create personalized ringtones for specific contacts, and making it easier to share photos.

Customize incoming call sounds for a contact by selecting a ringtone from your device. In a conversation, tap the lower right and select “Ringtone options” then “Set custom ringtone”.

Share photos from chats with other Skype friends and family who may not be in the conversation. Just tap and hold on the photo you want to share and select “Forward photo”.

Avatar colors for group chats have also been changed, to make it easier to tell your different conversations apart.

The last significant update was the visual refresh and performance boost last month. A week ago, the company made available to enterprise customers a preview of its updated Skype for Business Android app.

The new app is a free download from Google Play.

Photo: TNW

photos Stories August 17, 2015

Add a beautifully illustrated cover art photo to your Facebook Event from Android

More than 75 million pages for private events were created on Facebook last year, and to keep its Events product growing the company is rolling out something that it believes will increase engagement for user-created events without much extra work on the part of the host: cover art themes.

If you’ve ever visited a group, event, or personal page on Facebook, you’ve seen cover art. The big photos which act as banners on these pages provide users with a little added personalization while keeping things within reason (*cough* MySpace *cough*). But at least in the case of events pages, it hasn’t been easy to add cover art from a mobile device — especially considering how the Events product is buried in a “More” menu within the Facebook app. And you have to find a good photo to use in the first place. With the addition of cover art themes to the Facebook app on Android, finding a beautiful, relevant photo to enhance your event is as easy as telling Facebook what the theme of your event is. The app will then present you with a pack of illustrations designed in-house and by outside designers.

The different cover art themes include everything from “Seasons,” which features illustrations of everything you might associate with the different seasons like summer and backyard BBQs, to “Recreation,” which within you might find an illustration of people jumping into a pool. There are 36 pieces of cover art to initially choose from, organized into categories like the aforementioned seasons and recreation. Facebook says it will periodically be adding new themes and illustrations over the coming months.

The big thing that Facebook wants to emphasize with the release of these cover art themes is engagement. The company says that it has found through feedback from users that adding a cover art photo to an event positively impacts the engagement (i.e. RSVPs) it sees. Launching this new Events product feature first on mobile makes sense simply because 55% of all Events activity (and most activity on Facebook period) happens from mobile devices. It’s Android and US-only for now, and will be coming to iOS soon.

photos Stories August 5, 2015

Often when referring to your smartphone, it is said that “the best camera is the one you have with you”. In other words, the camera on your smartphone, in your pocket, is better than the DSLR you’ve got sat on a shelf at home. Despite the rise of quality lenses and sensors, using a smartphone still isn’t quite as good a ‘proper’ camera. There have always been compromises. At least, there have been until now.

Panasonic’s CM1 may be thicker than your average phone, but it’s easily pocketable, not too uncomfortable to hold and has an epic 20MP camera with 1-inch sensor, a 6-element Leica lens, manual controls and a maximum aperture of f/2.8. What does that mean for image quality?

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photos Stories July 23, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ leaked in new photos

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+ have been shown off in a bunch of new photographs. Early leaks and rumors pointed to both devices taking on design cues from the smaller Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. For the most part, that’s what we seem to have in the leaked pics.

What’s interesting to note (pun not-intended) is that — although it has a S6-esque metal frame — the Note 5 still retains the style and shape of the Galaxy note series. Corners are much squarer than the Galaxy S series phones. In fact, from the front, it looks virtually identical to the Galaxy Note 4. The only real difference is the placement of sensors and front facing camera on the top. The two sensors near the earpiece have swapped over to the left side, while the camera is much further from the corner that it is on the current model.

As for the S6 Edge+, that just looks like a big version of the S6 Edge. Corners are much more rounded than the Note, and it has the iconic curved display edges on both sides. Like the current S6 and S6 Edge, it also seems to have a reflective, pearlescent finish.

Both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ are widely expected to launch at an event in August. If most recent rumors are to be believed, the event will take place in New York City on August 13th with a retail launch in the following weeks.

photos Stories July 22, 2015

Dreamscope web app lets you create your own trippy Google-powered nightmares

UPDATE – If you want a native app on your Mac to do the same job, using Google’s available Deep Dream code, you can download RealMac’s beta software.

Deep Dream has caused something of a stir online in recent weeks. Google’s neural imaging network has an uncanny ability of taking ordinary images and turning them in to something you’d normally only see if you were sleeping, or under the influence of banned substances. Now, creating your own trippy images is as easy as uploading an image to a web app.

Dreamscope lets you upload any photo or picture and run it through one of its many Deep Dream patterns. The end results is normally weird, scary, or both. There are 20 filters to choose from in total, some scarier than others. Depending on the size of your image, the time it takes to process your nightmare varies. I experienced anything from a few seconds to around half a minute. For extra-trippy effects, re-upload your Dreamscope’d image several times and see what happens.

Take a look at our gallery below and you’ll see some of the virtual hallucinations it conjured up for us.

If you want to create your own, head on over to and start uploading. There’s also a gallery to look through of images created by others. Some might be NSFW, so be careful where you view them and who you view them in front of. You have been warned.

photos Stories July 14, 2015

MKBHD shares first photo taken with OnePlus 2 main camera [Update – Now with Video]

Marques Brownlee, better known as YouTube personality MKBHD, uploaded what we believe is the first public photograph taken with the OnePlus 2. OnePlus hasn’t been shy about leaking features and specs from its next “flagship killer”. And while we know it’s going to feature a USB Type-C port, a fingerprint sensor3,300mAh battery and 4GB RAM, we haven’t heard any specifics from OnePlus officially on the display or camera resolution.

photos Stories July 9, 2015

Google Hangouts now lets you drag and drop images on the web

Google Hangouts on the web now lets users drag and drop images directly from their computer or web browser. That goes for the little chat window within your Gmail inbox and through the standalone Hangouts Chrome app. Googler Mayur Kamat shared the news and the image above demonstrating the new feature through a post on Google+ today.

photos Stories July 1, 2015

Photos - Google Photos 2015-05-29 16-39-00

Update: Google says that the issue has now been fixed and limits have been reapplied.

The new Google Photos service saw its launch last month at Google I/O 2015, and its announcement came with much fanfare thanks to its “unlimited” storage option—which lets you store as many photos and videos as you want for free as long as you’re willing to sacrifice some amount of quality. Now, it looks like some users who have tried to take advantage of this offer are actually hitting an invisible limit… expand full story

photos Stories June 2, 2015

Android lawn statues

How many calories does all that Android have?

Google showed off its new photo storage service at I/O last week with features including unlimited backup and searching for images by keywords, but the company has another image-related technology in development. Google can already recognize images of food when you search your photo library, but its currently developing technology that goes a step further by actually counting the calories in your meal based on your food shots. This could make dieting and calorie counting much more convenient in the future if it works well enough… expand full story

photos Stories May 29, 2015

Google Photos was just announced this week, and—assuming you’re okay with Google having all of your photos on their servers—it’s a great new way to keep all of your life moments safely stored in one place. This isn’t just a redesigned mobile app. It’s a complete rethinking of how Google approaches its photo storage offerings, and it already has me convinced to just throw every picture I’ve ever taken to their cloud… expand full story

photos Stories May 28, 2015

Google Photos

Google has taken the wraps off its new Google Photos product at its I/O conference today. Google says Photos is a private single home for your personal photo and video collection that you can access from any device. Photos boasts the ability to automatically organize your photos for you as well as built-in sharing capabilities. expand full story

photos Stories May 19, 2015


According to sources for Bloomberg, Google is set to announce an “an online picture sharing and storage service” separate of Google+. This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news, but it’s further confirmation of something we’ve been hearing about since as far back as August of last year.

Google Inc. is set to reveal an online picture sharing and storage service that will no longer be part of the Google+ social network, people familiar with the plans said.

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photos Stories May 13, 2015


LG’s series of G Pad tablets might be getting a new addition as images showing a new variation of the tablet leak online courtesy of reliable leaker Evleaks. expand full story

photos Stories April 28, 2015

image_new (1)

Thanks to a user on Weibo, new images have surfaced this morning showing what is purportedly the LG flagship scheduled to be announced later today. Showing its many rear cover designs—including the much-advertised leather variant—the photos give us a glimpse inside the retail packaging many will surely be unboxing in the coming weeks.  expand full story

photos Stories March 1, 2015



…confirmed with Google, that David Besbris [above] has left his role as the head of the company’s social and identity product. He has been replaced by Bradley Horowitz, a longtime VP of product for Google+.

Google Plus seems to be in tumult and it sounds like it is being dismantled for its good parts including Photos and Hangouts. Perhaps the feed will turn into a more Twitter-like product. Who knows at this point—we’ll likely get a roadmap at Google I/O in May.

As for new lead Bradley Horowitz, he never really left Google+ through Vic Gundotra’s departure and will probably oversee the split of the units which are said to have already been reduced by half.

Screenshot 2015-03-02 03.29.24

photos Stories February 16, 2015

New photos claim to show Zenfone 2 variant w/ 5-inch screen

New photos have surfaced this morning showing what is purportedly the 5-inch variant of the ASUS Zenfone 2. This device has been rumored for quite some time, but now we have some tangible evidence that it’s likely a legitimate part of the Zenfone 2 lineup. The Taiwanese company announced the Zenfone 2 at CES 2015, but only showed off a model with a 5.5-inch screen.

photos Stories February 9, 2015

Skype 5.2 for Android lets you share photos with offline contacts, more

Skype is rolling out version 5.2 of its Android app today and with it comes the ability to share photos with offline contacts. Previously the app only let users share photos with contacts that were currently online.

Gone are the days when you and your contacts need to be online at the same time for you to share photos using Skype. With this update, you can now send photos to your Skype contacts at a time that’s convenient for you, regardless of your contacts’ online status. When they are back on Skype, photos you shared show up beautifully inline in the chat history, whether or not you’re online – allowing you to easily carry on the conversation.

The update adds other new features as well, including picture in picture view for smartphones and enhancements to chat load times, call quality, and more:

  • Picture in picture view is now supported on phones, too – letting you keep a video call going even when you navigate away to other applications
  • Chats load faster, especially when opened from a notification
  • Call quality improvements, especially in low bandwidth scenarios

The updated Skype app for Android, version 5.2, is rolling out on Google Play today.

photos Stories January 22, 2015


The upcoming HTC flagship is probably one of the most exciting smartphone launches scheduled for the next couple of months, and today Phandroid has shared photos that claim to show the rumored “Hima” device in the flesh. There’s nothing crazy or exciting to see here, but we do now have a bit of corroboration of things we knew previously.

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photos Stories January 20, 2015


Following yesterday’s report from Bloomberg that HTC is indeed launching its next flagship smartphone in March, new photos have leaked today showing a handset that doesn’t look all too different from what the Taiwanese company currently offers. There’s not too much new information to be learned from these photos (via, and you should probably take them with a heaping pile of salt, but there’s always a chance that this could be a quick peek the next HTC flagship in the flesh.

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photos Stories January 19, 2015

Screenshots show Google’s upcoming Calendar iPhone app w/ Gmail, Photos, & Maps integration

It appears that Google could soon release its promised redesigned Calendar app for iPhone after first making the announcement and releasing the app for Android last November. The Next Web this morning shared a handful of leaked screenshots that provide a first look at Google Calendar for iOS, including info cards that indicate Gmail, Photos and Maps integration will be key features of the app.

photos Stories December 17, 2014

Microsoft’s Xim photo app updated with support for Chromecast streaming


Microsoft updated its Xim photo sharing application today with support for viewing photos wirelessly on Google’s Chromecast streaming device. The instructions for setting up Chromecast streaming (demonstrated in the video above) are relatively simple: just tap the display mode icon and select your Chromecast from the list. After that, you’ll see your slideshows on your TV in real time.

Xim allows users to create shared photo slideshows that stay in sync across multiple devices. Whenever a user changes the slideshow by zooming in, switching photos, or changing something else, all users currently viewing that slideshow will see the change in real time.

The Xim app is free for all users on the Google Play Store.

photos Stories October 27, 2014


Facebook has announced that it will be releasing an updated version of its mobile application later today that will improve the process of sharing multiple photos in a single post. The new composer will allow users to choose multiple images from their device’s photo library or camera, then show a preview of the post with each image in the order they were selected.

From here users will be able to add captions to each photo, write an introduction for the post, or rearrange the order of the photos. The post will show up in friends’ news feeds as a photo collage rather than a horizontal group of photos.

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photos Stories August 4, 2014

We’ve seen our fair share of Samsung Galaxy Alpha rumors, and it looks to be the handset that the Korean company is prepping to take the lead in the upcoming battle of next-generation of flagship smartphones. We’ve seen it pictured plenty of times now, but this is the first time we’ve seen it in white.

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photos Stories July 11, 2014

Adobe updates Photoshop Express for Android with blemish removal tool, RAW importing, more

Adobe has actively been rolling out new and powerful tools for mobile platforms in recent months including Lightroom Mobile for iPad followed later by Lightroom Mobile for iPhone and Photoshop Mix as well as Adobe Voice for creating storytelling from iPad. Adobe says Lightroom for Android will follow eventually.

Even with all of those new products, Adobe is continuing to add features to its existing mobile apps with the release of Adobe Photoshop Express 2.3.273 today. The updated version of Photoshop Express for Android specifically brings four new features: a new blemish removal tool, the ability to increase or decrease filter strength, a new defog tool to remove haziness, and the ability to import photos in the RAW format.

As always, the Android version of Adobe Photoshop Express is available as a free download from the Play Store, and the update is out now.

Sony Xperia Z3 1

A handful of leaked photos have surfaced online this afternoon that provide a first look at what is allegedly the Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone, which is expected to launch later this year. The photos were posted by users on the Chinese discussion forums Digi-wo and Weibo, showing off the Chinese version (model number L55t) of the upcoming smartphone. expand full story

photos Stories July 8, 2014


Before selling a used smartphone, most users take the time to erase personal data contained on the devices to prevent anything from falling into the hands of strangers. Most smartphones come with an option for doing this built right into the operating system, but a newly-discovered flaw in how Android handles the process could allow anyone to recover your personal information, including text messages, social media data, and a lot more.

How much more, exactly? According to researchers at security software maker Avast who purchased 20 smartphones from eBay, they were able to recover over 40,000 photos, 750 emails and text messages, and even a completed loan application. A few hundred contact entries were also pulled from the phones, and the original owners of four of the devices were found using the recovered information. That’s not even the worst part…

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photos Stories June 11, 2014


Chrome OS devices typically run light on local storage space, but as a portal to the internet, they’re often tasked with managing a person’s media experience. So when your growing photo collection starts to outnumber your machine’s gigabyte count, you’ll likely want to move things to the cloud, but this can be a tedious task. Enter the Google+ Photo app. Weighing in at a lean 15.52MB, Mountain View’s new software automatically uploads photos from your SD card to a private Google+ folder, even when the app is closed.

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photos Stories June 3, 2014

Google made a big announcement today for new content arriving for users of its $35 Chromecast HDMI streaming stick. The latest additions to the lineup include the WatchESPN app, Major League Soccer via the MLS Matchday app and MLS LIVE premium services, photos and video from Google+ apps, as well as TV and video content from the Crunchyroll video service: expand full story

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