Rumors surrounding the Moto X Phone have been coming in at a crazy rate over the past few months, with information regarding design, customization, and more leaking. We’ve known for a while that the device is not meant to be high-end in terms of specs, and new information obtained by The Verge confirms that.

According to a “tipster who has used a CDMA variant of the phone,” it will feature a 1.7GHz Snapdragon MSM8960T processor, which is basically the same as a Snapdragon 600, but dual-core instead of quad-core. The device will also feature 2GB of RAM and a screen “in the vicinity” of 4.5-inches. Things get a tad questionable when it comes to the battery life, however, with The Verge’s source originally claiming that it had a measly 1500mAh battery, but later saying that figure might not be accurate, as it was reported by a software tool.

Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch 4K Monitor

As far as software goes, the Moto X is said to run a “near stock” build of Android 4.2.2. As we’ve reported before, the secret sauce for the device will be an “always-on” listening mode that can perform commands anytime “OK Google Now” is said. The technology will be able to better understand the user’s voice as time progresses. Motorola has also included some enhancements when it comes to gestures, the camera, and notifications.

There’s indeed a wrist flicking gesture that immediately opens up the camera app (another tidbit we learned from the Rogers video), and Motorola has included what our tipster refers to as an “Auto HDR” mode. And similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, Moto X will also provide a summary of your notifications (and the current time) when you pick up the device after it’s been idle for some time.

Earlier today, Motorola sent out invites for an August 1st press event, which will most definitely be focused on the X Phone.

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