Google today announced it’s launching a new APIs console that replaces the old Google APIs Console it first launched back in 2010. The main purpose of the service remains the same, to provide one centralized location for developers to easily manage the over 60 Google APIs available to deploy in their apps and websites. The revamped APIs console is now called the Google Cloud Console and introduces an entirely new UI and further integration with Google’s Cloud Platform services.

You’ll notice an entirely new visual design, a hierarchical navigation, and even a friendly new URL structure.

We’ve also simplified the process of getting API credentials. Now, you can register an app on the platform you are building on, then see all the possible credential types for your application, making it easier to quickly grab the credentials you need.

Google was previously allowing some developers to opt-in to the new Google Cloud Console, but today noted that it will soon make the redesigned console default for everyone. 

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