There’s no question that with every new smartphone release, we look at the camera, the display and ultimately, the battery. As the Nexus 5 begins making its way to the masses, some new software and performance enhancements will offer a slight boost in battery life.

As GigaOM points out, the inclusion of Qualcomm’s new “envelope tracking technology” will make the Nexus 5 a more battery friendly, power-efficient smartphone. Qualcomm’s envelope tracker, dubbed the QFE1100 was first introduced to the world with the Galaxy Note 3, highlighting the Nexus 5 as the second smartphone to include the tech.

In real-world use, the tracker will match the power fed into the signal amplifier on the Nexus 5, something that is noted as a very difficult accomplishment on a LTE device. Qualcomm believes they reduce the heat produced by the smartphone by 30% and power consumption from the radio by 20%.

Still, we need to consider that the display and overall usage patterns will make for more impact on your battery life than anything else. The hope is that in the future, as the envelope tracking technology improves we can see improvements of battery savings by 25 overall.

In a smartphone world where we demand improved features and improvements with every new smartphone release, this is good news for all Nexus 5 owners. Unfortunately, the impact won’t be enough to offer you unlimited battery or travel for a week without a charger, but any improvement is an improvement worth having.

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