Qualcomm Stories May 8

The rebrand of Android Wear to Wear OS in March was just that, a rebrand. Google reiterated that Wear OS would gain new functionality in smaller, incremental updates. Meanwhile, on the hardware front, even recent and rumored watches are slated to use the same underlying chip.

The Snapdragon 2100 in question contributes to Wear OS being held back technologically, however, that might soon change with new Qualcomm chipsets coming this year.

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After an early developer preview, Google today officially revealed all of the big new features in the latest version of Android, P. Of course, it’ll be quite some time before that update arrives for users who don’t have a Pixel, as is generally the case with major Android updates. However, thanks to Project Treble and work with Qualcomm, some of those updates may arrive sooner than usual…

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Ready to try the Pixelbook?

Qualcomm Stories March 14

Broadcom’s months-long attempt to takeover Qualcomm is officially over following yesterday’s intervention by the White House. The foreign chipmaker today announced that it’s complying with an order issued by President Trump that cited national security in blocking the deal.

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Qualcomm Stories February 27

Qualcomm has long offered a few different tiers for its various processors, with high-end devices packing the Snapdragon 800-series, and mid-range and low-end devices offering the 600-series or 400-series. Now, though, Qualcomm is announcing plans to bridge the gap a bit with a new 700-series.

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Qualcomm Stories February 1

Qualcomm resolves dispute with Samsung, hoping to do the same with Apple

Qualcomm has settled its differences with Samsung over its chip licensing practices, and says that it hopes to do the same with Apple.

While there were no lawsuits between Qualcomm and Samsung, the Korean company had been opposing the chipmaker’s appeal against a Fair Trade Commission anti-trust ruling …

Qualcomm Stories January 9

Qualcomm has said that its latest Bluetooth chip will allow future wireless in-ear headphones to become smaller, more reliable and smarter.

Reduced power consumption could allow headphones to give almost three times the battery-life of existing models – or, as seems more likely, allow manufacturers to maintain current playback times while shrinking the size of devices …

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