Qualcomm Stories August 7

Google’s Wear OS platform has been mostly running on the same old Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset for the past couple of years. While that chipset is capable of running the platform, it hasn’t really evolved to keep up with the demand of newer software and customers. Now, it looks like Qualcomm is preparing to introduce a successor…

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Qualcomm Stories July 16

Samsung is largely expected to switch from a physical fingerprint sensor to one under the display on its upcoming Galaxy S10. This week, a new report is giving us a bit more insight on the company’s plans, and how it could affect other devices in the future.

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Qualcomm Stories June 27

Qualcomm officially launches Snapdragon 632, 439, and 429 for mid-range smartphones

There’s a wide variety of mobile chipsets available for devices of all calibers, and lately, Qualcomm has been bringing a lot of high-end features to its lower-end chipsets. This week, the company is officially announcing new options in the Snapdragon 600 and 400 series.

Qualcomm Stories May 24

Qualcomm revealed earlier this year that, in addition to its other chipset lineups, a new 700-series line of Snapdragon processors would be coming soon. Today, the company has officially announced the first chipset in that collection with the Snapdragon 710.

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Qualcomm Stories May 8

The rebrand of Android Wear to Wear OS in March was just that, a rebrand. Google reiterated that Wear OS would gain new functionality in smaller, incremental updates. Meanwhile, on the hardware front, even recent and rumored watches are slated to use the same underlying chip.

The Snapdragon 2100 in question contributes to Wear OS being held back technologically, however, that might soon change with new Qualcomm chipsets coming this year.

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After an early developer preview, Google today officially revealed all of the big new features in the latest version of Android, P. Of course, it’ll be quite some time before that update arrives for users who don’t have a Pixel, as is generally the case with major Android updates. However, thanks to Project Treble and work with Qualcomm, some of those updates may arrive sooner than usual…

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