The video may be slightly cringeworthy (hot girls are always turned on by geek tech, right?), but the concept is certainly an exciting one: a foldable display which allows a pocketable smartphone to unfold or unroll into a tablet … 


Samsung was first to use a flexible display to launch a curved smartphone, though it was later revealed as essentially an extended-run prototype placed on limited sale in Korea only. A stake in Gorilla Glass maker Corning left the company well-placed to bring new display technologies to market, and the company announced at an analyst briefing (via Gizmodo) that it will launch products with fully foldable displays “sometime in 2015.″

We’re going to be seeing a lot of flexible displays over the next couple of years. LG recently announced the Flex, a smartphone which is not only curves but lives up to its name by allowing the entire handset to flex, and Apple is believed to be planning to launch a smartwatch (aka the iWatch) with a curved display sometime next year. We’re expecting a flurry of flexible display product launches between now and then.

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