We’ve already had a look at LG’s official video showing off the G Flex “self-healing” technology but this time around we’re getting a true hands-on. Recognizing that LG’s official video happened in the most optimal conditions using the very best in camera angles…this new video video courtesy of YouTube star Marques Brownlee shows off “self-healing” in the real world.

Brownlee works through a set of keys on the back of the smartphone moving all the way up to a knife scratch. The self-healing works best in “warm conditions,” so the self-healing took a bit of time until Brownlee added a bit of friction which sped the process up.

As for the knife scratch itself, Brownlee says that still hasn’t healed up completely but has begun to look better after a bit of time has passed. Needless to say, the “self-healing” tech should be taken with a grain of salt and an understanding of its limitations. We’re not that far into the future that we can expect a scratch to be completely removed but clearly this is the beginning of achieving that goal.

Is self-healing tech enough to entice you to grab this phone, and will it be enough to attract AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile subscribers?

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