With word already “leaking” that the LG G Flex is bound for the US and landing on Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile it comes as little surprise to see a FCC appearance. The G Flex made its cameo with the regulatory agency boasting AT&T and T-Mobile friendly LTE bands 4 (AWS) and 17.

That in and of itself doesn’t guarantee the device will launch on either carrier mind you, just that the device will run unlocked. With CES less than 60 days away its very likely we could see some kind of announcement out of LG regarding US launches. The curved screen and “self-healing” back are likely to grab headlines even if they are better in the labs than in the real-world.

Even if the hardware features survive better in a testing facility, we’re still eager to see some of the UX enhancements the manufacturer has made as a new video of the interface surfaces. The short  hands-on video shows off UX features that don’t appear on LG’s current flagship devices like the G2 including multi-window mode and a new lock-screen. It’s pretty clear that any new features aren’t being introduced because of a curved screen, they are simply new additions to the LG Android overlay that we hope will make their way to their current lineup in the future.

Anyone REALLY want to take LG’s flexible display for a test drive?

IntoMobile; video via PhoneArena


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2 Responses to “LG G Flex makes cameo appearance at FCC with AT&T, T-Mobile bands as new video of interface appears”

  1. I like the ergonomics of the screen: More comfortable when talking on the phone because it curves towards the mouth. More comfortable when holding it in landscape mode while playing games or watching movies. It should fit good in a back pocket but not so much a purse or front pocket.

    No expandable memory is a no buy for me. Such a shame too because I wouldn’t have minded trying something so different.

  2. If it only was 5” display and a better UI, this could be the best phone ever.