Update: Whoa, that was fast as a Google+ post courtesy of the Nexus team just announced Android 4.4.1 is rolling out right now to Nexus 5 devices.

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With a brief look at our analytics earlier this week, we discovered the existence of Android 4.4.1 in the wild. As it turns out, Android 4.4.1 is closer than we think as a new Verge report shows how Google is using this software update to attack the Nexus 5 camera’s shortcomings. According to Dave Burke, Google’s Director of Engineering for Android, 4.4.1 will begin rolling out over the next few days in the hopes of fixing the “buggy and inconsistent” camera that is the Nexus 5.

Burke says the update breaks down into five categories including fixing autofocus, increasing the camera app launch speed and a progress indicator in HDR+ mode. When it comes to autofocus, Burke says that too much focus was placed on image quality, particularly in low light scenarios. Android 4.4.1 works to speed up the framerate and increase how fast the camera and read its surroundings and fire off a picture which includes improving the autofocus, exposure and white balance.

The Verge reports that the camera app launch speed “really does feel faster across the board.” Burke goes on to say more interface changes are coming, including the new addition of a progress indicator in HDR+ mode. Google also hopes to work out a solution to the idea that camera settings are buried under layers of menus and Burke says the company is working to solve the menu troubles.

The report goes on to say that with Android 4.4.1, the Nexus 5 camera stops being a “dealbreaker,” which is heavy language for an as-of-yet unannounced update. Burke says that the camera experience is only going to get better even as he admits that there is plenty of work ahead: “Cameras can be pretty complicated.”

As the camera was a deal-breaker for me with the Nexus 5, can this update really add enough to bring me back into the Nexus fold? I sure hope so.

via The Verge

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