There’s little question a new Nexus 10 device is on the horizon, in fact we’re already passed a set of rumored release dates. In fact, we’ve already seen the LG-V510 surface thanks to a leaked image via Reddit that showed off a Nexus homescreen. In other words, there’s no “surprise” with this @evleaks tip, but one more confirmation is one step closer to believing this is the real deal.

With the end of the year quickly coming up, we can only predict that LG and/or Google will announce the release of the Nexus 10 any minute now. As a 10″ model seems like a sure-thing, I would be remiss if I didn’t add some support for an in-between Nexus 8.3″ sized tablet.

Anyone else like the idea of an in-between size at 8.3″ ala the 8.3″ G Pad?


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