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A combination of two separate images this weekend are pointing toward the next-generation Nexus 10 device complete with LG as the manufacturing partner. The first image (shown below) courtesy of Reddit and one incredibly unhappy Telefonica employee shows off the thinner bezel and what we believe is a front-facing speaker. The device also appears to be launching with Android 4.4 KitKat and the Google experience launcher in tow. Surprise, surprise.

The second image (above) shows the device and the obvious method with which we deduced that LG is the manufacturing partner. The future Nexus 10, currently labeled as the LG-V510 also comes via a Reddit r/Android link but has since been removed by the original poster. Thankfully, the boys at PhoneArena were able to snag the image prior to its removal even as it’s the Korean language translation that really catches our eye. When entered into Google Translate, the wording reads “LG Electronics Nexus 10 November 22 LTE black and white.”

The Telefonica leak hints at a £299 price tag or $482 in US currency. Smart money says that price is with cellular connectivity and that the Wi-Fi only model(s) will be less expensive. As with all high-profile leaks, we’re urged to take with a grain of salt but given the closeness of the leaks from two varying sources this one looks likely to come to fruition. I guess we’ll know with certainty in just a few days.


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One Response to “New Nexus 10 leaks point to LG make, November 22nd release date”

  1. jlbrown1981 says:

    Hmm. I wonder if it’s going to be as beast spec-wise as the last Nexus 10?