Ahead of Google’s upcoming I/O Developer Conference where the company is expected to show off more of its new Android Wear platform, Google is today asking developers to submit apps for design feedback. It is also offering some participants an opportunity to gain exposure on Google Play and during the I/O conference.

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Developers, have you created an app you would like to get in the hands of the first wave of Android Wear users? If you have, we’d like to see what you’ve built.

Google first introduced us to its new Android Wear platform for wearables back in March when it released a SDK developer preview and announced devices from LG, Motorola, and others would arrive as soon as next quarter. The video above is the original concept for the platform it released alongside the developer preview earlier this year.

Google isn’t making any official announcements about what exactly it’s going to do with the apps just yet, but it does note it will offer developers chosen “direct design and product feedback from our team, and possibly, higher visibility from exposure at I/O, our collections and in the Google Play store.”

Google is asking developers send a link to their Android Wear APK and open source code (optional) to wear-apps@android.com.

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