Android might be changing soon and no, we’re not talking about the release of a new dessert-themed operating system. After over five and a half years on the market, Google’s mobile software platform may possibly be getting a new logo. Initially revealed by Twitter account @UpLeaks, an alleged boot animation for LG’s upcoming G Watch may have revealed Android’s refreshed emblem.

Unlike Android’s current futuristic font, this new typeface is soft, simple and completely in lower case lettering. Bearing in mind that this new text is rumored to be for Android Wear, this rejuvenated branding might not carry over to smartphones and tablets.

No stranger to change, Google restyled Motorla Mobility’s logo and tinkered with its own homepage design over the past year, so an update for its Android brand doesn’t sound impossible. We’ve reached out to Google to see if the company has anything to say about this retooled font and we’ll update things here if we hear anything new. In the meantime, here’s a look at the boot sequence in its entirety.

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