Google Glass may not have the best reputation in the workplace, but Mountain View is trying to change that. Today, the company announced its first wave of Glass at Work Certified Partners. This daring new brood looking to push Google’s wearable computer into the enterprise market include partners like APX Labs, Augmedix, CrowdOptic, GuidiGO and Wearable Intelligence.

APX Labs makes Skylight, a business software for Glass that provides people with fast access real-time enterprise data while on the job. Augmedix provides doctors with tools needed to simplify their workload, helping them focus on their patients’ needs. CrowdOptic detects broadcast events from mobile and wearable devices, providing interactive content for attendees of sports and entertainment shows. This platform is already being used in the NBA by the Indiana Pacers.

GuidiGO focuses on culture-rich experiences at museums and other institutions through mobile storytelling. Lastly, Wearable Intelligence develops Glassware focused on energy, healthcare and manufacturing.

While this group was the first to make the cut, Google says it heard from “hundreds” of developers interested in bringing Glass to the workplace, so its likely that more partners will be announced in the future. Here’s a sample of some of the work that Augmedix is doing with a group of Dignity Health physicians based in Ventura California. While the video kind of feels like an infomercial, it gives an idea of what a future trip to the doctor might be like.

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