So far Google’s Android L preview, introduced at Google I/O last month, is only officially available for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owners, but today we get a port of the preview for the Nexus 4 thanks to the work of members at the XDA-developer forums.

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…XDA Senior Members sykopompos and defconoi came through with a port of the L-Preview for the Nexus 4. This was accomplished after many hours of hard work, along with help from Retired Recognized Developer ben1066 and Senior Member percy_g2 to fix the inevitable bugs that were produced. Now, the end result is a daily driver-capable ROM that mako users can be proud to use without too much hassle.

Full instructions for downloading the ROM and getting Android L up and running on your Nexus 4 are available here.

Of course the Android L build is still very much a developer preview and since this is an unofficial release ported to the Nexus 4, you’ll be installing at your own risk. For non-developers, it might be worth waiting until a release later this year or an official preview release for Nexus 4 for Google. The developers of the port note, “If you get the home button not working right then you need to do a full wipe to fix it.” 

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