Lenovo’s $2.91 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility from Google is still pending regulatory approval, however it looks like the company is already mapping out a new strategy. Despite being one of the world’s largest PC makers, Lenovo is halting the development of Windows tablets under 10 inches in size and migrating its remaining inventory to markets like Brazil, China and Japan where there’s more of a need for low-cost slates.

A company spokesperson recently shared details with PC World in an email, saying “In North America, we’re seeing stronger interest in the larger screen sizes for Windows tablets and are pleased with initial customer demand for the ThinkPad 10.”

Lenovo might be deep-sixing smaller Windows tablets, but the company’s Android efforts will continue. The computer maker currently offers five Android-powered slates under 10 inches on its website and it’s possible that these numbers could go up once its deal with Google comes to a close. It’s too early to determine exactly how big of an impact Lenovo’s decision will have on the tablet market as a whole, but from the look of things, Microsoft’s loss will likely be Google’s gain.

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