Google announced the Little Box Challenge earlier this year, and in the name of progress, the company plans to give away $1,000,000 to a team of people capable of shrinking the power inverter to the size of a tablet. Today, Google officially launched the contest and detailed what it’s going to take to grab that million dollars — and is now taking applications for teams to get on board.

To get more information on the contest, including competition dates, technical and registration details, FAQs, and a quick form to put your team’s name in the running, head over to the Little Box Challenge website. Teams wanting to be apart of the contest must register by September 30th, after which they must submit a “technical approach and testing application” by July 22nd, 2015 — exactly a year from today.

These days, if you’re an engineer, inventor or just a tinkerer with a garage, you don’t have to look far for a juicy opportunity: there are cash prize challenges dedicated to landing on the moonbuilding a self-driving carcleaning the oceans, or inventing an extra-clever robot. Today, together with the IEEE, we’re adding one more: shrinking a big box into a little box.

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