In April of this year, it was announced that JW Player would soon be adding support for the Chromecast, and today the feature finally went live for everyone. For those unfamiliar, the JW Player platform powers a variety of popular websites including ESPN and millions of others. With today’s release of JW Player 6.9, it just got a whole lot easier to view web video on your TV.

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On video sites with JW Player 6.9, you will now see the Chromecast button that we’ve all come to know and love. The process is identical to any other Chromecast-supported app such as YouTube. JW says it is incredibly easy to add Chromecast support to an existing player, as the process consists of simply adding 3 lines of code. A variety of customization options come with JW Player Chromecast support, including the ability to control how ads are presented.

If you are looking at bringing an element of OTT to your brand, in three lines of code you can start using the basic Google Chromecast integration that we have built into JW Player 6.9. The JW Player can cast video onto the Chromecast connected TV and then turn into a remote control. This means no more messy VGA/HDMI/RCA cables, lost dongles, or wireless mice and keyboards making a mess of your living room. On top of a super easy setup, the Chromecast integration has additional advanced features that are worth checking out.

A variety of other enhancements come with JW Player 6.9, including keyboard shortcuts for HTML5 and Flash videos. JW-based sites should starting updating with the Chromecast button soon. You can read the full announcement on JW’s site.

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