ESPN Stories April 4, 2017

Twitter seeking deal to allow users to watch live pay-TV channels within its app

If you enjoy following live sports games on Twitter while you watch them, you may soon to be able to watch pay-TV live broadcasts from within the Twitter app.

ESPN Stories May 17, 2016


New televisions and boxes running Android TV have been released throughout the year and Android N will add new features like a picture-in-picture mode. Google I/O tomorrow might see more announcements including ‘new Nexus Players’, but until then ESPN is launching a new app that will allow subscribers to stream live sporting events.

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ESPN Stories March 17, 2016


T-Mobile is expanding its Binge On initiative that allows users to stream content in certain apps without using up their data allowance, and with today’s update YouTube and Google Play Movies are now officially supported.

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ESPN Stories December 21, 2015

ESPN for Android update brings Material Design and performance boost

The ESPN app on Android is notorious for sluggish performance and feeling like a web wrapper. Good news: an update today vastly improves performance and gives it a Material Design refresh. Version 4.7.1 also brings support for Marshmallow’s permission model for users on 6.0 devices.

ESPN Stories October 26, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.38.08 PM

YouTube announced its new Red ad-free subscription service last week and we’ve slowly been learning the specifics on how content will be affected by it. Disney’s sports network ESPN has now announced that it has pulled all of its content from YouTube due to the YouTube Red subscription service.

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ESPN Stories July 17, 2015


Popular iOS and Android apps from companies like Walmart, ESPN, Slack and SoundCloud have been found vulnerable to password cracking, according to a recent report from AppBugs. The security firm found that dozens of the most popular apps are lacking, in that they allow you to make any number of attempts to login without restriction. These clearly opens up a gap for attackers who have the means to guess those passwords and gain access to your accounts.

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