Google Web Designer has received an update this afternoon with several new features, including publishing to Google Drive and DoubleClick Studio, a new events system and timeline, rewritten web components and CodeMirror3 integration. The latest release also contains 22 bug fixes related to the shell, user interface, publishing, text, components and other miscellaneous issues. 

Google Web Designer users can now publish files directly to Google Drive for easier sharing and collaboration, in addition to publishing creatives to DoubleClick Studio. Google adds the studio enabler code to ensure that the ad is associated with the proper account, advertiser and campaign. The web tool now also supports pages in HTML, by choosing “HTML with Pages” when creating a new file.

The user interface of Google Web Designer has been refreshed with a new events system for authoring highly interactive documents and reworked timeline that includes animation scrubbing, timeline events, auto keyframing, a new user interface for repeating animation and infinite animation and more. There is also two new web components in The Gesture component and Tap to Call.

Google Web Designer is a tool for creating engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that run cross platform on any device. The tool helps webmasters to develop strong visual experiences that are accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktops without compatibility issues, featuring two animation modes, a full 3D authoring environment, illustration tools and more.

Google Web Designer now sits at version For a detailed changelog, read the release notes.

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