Pandora Internet Radio Google Glass

Pandora Internet Radio is the latest service to bring its product over to the Google Glass world. The music streaming service’s Glassware app came out of their Hack-a-thon from earlier in the spring, Pandora says, and was good enough to share with Google and ship.

The Pandora Radio app for Google Glass gives users access to stations with the ability to control them with voice commands or the touchpad. Pandora says the voice commands allow you to select existing stations or even create new stations. Actions including music controls like play and pause require using the touchpad; favoriting and dismissing a track also requires using the touchpad for now.

Users can find the Pandora Internet Radio app on the Google’s Glassware section, and Pandora has more instructions below:

For those of you currently in the Explorer program, it’s easy to add Pandora to Glass:

  1. Go to on your computer or device
  2. Go to the Glassware page and find Pandora
  3. On the detail page, turn ON Pandora and sign in
  4. Give permission to access basic information
  5. Pandora will be added automatically over the air; enjoy!

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