Pandora Stories August 14

Pandora has been one of the longer-standing streaming options on Google Home, but it’s been limited to just automated radio stations until now. Google has today announced that Pandora Premium, the web radio company’s on-demand streaming service, is now available on Google Home devices. expand full story

Pandora Stories December 21, 2017

Pandora for Android TV gets a new UI, Google Assistant, and premium subscription support

Today’s the day of Android TV it seems. After Amazon revealed its Prime Video application for non-Shield Android TV devices, Pandora has updated its Android TV app with a new UI and an updated feature set.

Pandora Stories March 13, 2017

This week Pandora is launching its on-demand music service with features like what other subscription services including Google Play Music and Spotify offer. Before now Pandora has primarily served streaming radio stations based on artists and tracks. Pandora Premium opens the service’s catalog of music up to on-demand access for a monthly fee.

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Pandora Stories February 1, 2017

How to link your Netflix, Spotify, and Pandora accounts with Google Home

Entertainment plays a big role in what sets Google Home apart from its archenemy, the Amazon Echo. Where the Echo features stronger ties to the smart home, Google Home features the ability to connect with various streaming services, and even Google’s Chromecast ecosystem. However, you’ll need to set that up before using it. So here’s how to link your Spotify, Pandora, and Netflix accounts with Google Home.

Pandora Stories January 5, 2015

Google today announced Google Cast for audio, which the company says takes advantage of Chromecast tech to send audio to third-party hardware like speakers, A/V receivers, and sound bars. The feature will allow users to tap a “cast” button from within music and radio apps on Android, iOS and the web to stream audio to Google Cast enabled speakers. expand full story

Pandora Stories December 2, 2014

New Pandora Android app rolling out with emphasis on personalization

Pandora is rolling out an updated version of its Android smartphone app with a strong emphasis on personalization.

Personalized genre and artist suggestions will now appear at the top of your list of stations, and a new thumbs-up icon on the now-playing screen gives you fast access to song ratings – as well as acting as a visual reminder that you only get the most from the service if you get into the habit of rating songs.

There’s also a modest visual redesign. The update will roll out to phones in the coming weeks (it’s not yet available from Google play), with a tablet refresh to follow at a later date.

Pandora made it to Google Glass back in August, allowing voice control of stations and touchpad control of play/pause, favoriting and dismissing a track.

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