Today, Google announced a couple of updates for its office software suite that should increase productivity for frequent users. The search giant has added a new formatting feature to Docs, Slides and Drawings that automatically creates bullet points or numbered lists after typing an applicable character at the beginning of a paragraph. For example, if you type an asterisk followed by the spacebar, Docs will automatically add a bullet point to that particular segment.

Enabled by default, this new option eliminates the need to use the software’s toolbar, however if you prefer formatting your documents the old-fashioned way, it can be disabled by visiting the “Preferences” option under the “Tools” tab.

Lastly, Google has introduced a new feature that reverts any autocorrections to their previous state after hitting the backspace key. This quick undo shortcut also applies to today’s new automated listing feature as well. Although it takes a little getting used to, it just might save you a few precious seconds if Docs is your go-to word processing app.

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