Last week, multiple security reports hit the web claiming that Samsung’s Find My Mobile service had a flaw that left users vulnerable to remote attacks by hackers. Today, Samsung has addressed the claims, saying that the issue was already addressed in an update on October 13th, which pre-dates most of the claims associated with this exploit.

Additionally, Samsung says that no user information has been compromised and that prior to the update data on a person’s phone could not be accessed by hackers. The consumer electronics maker also stated that a user could have possibly been open to someone remotely locking or unlocking their handset under the following conditions:

  • The attacker occupies a way to send a link containing malicious code.
  • The Find My Mobile user sets up Find My Mobile Remote control ‘ON’ at his/her device.
  • The user enters up his/her ID and password and logs on Find My Mobile website ( (If the user doesn’t use the website after log-on, it will be automatically logged out).
  • The user clicks the link in email/instant message/SMS sent by attackers.


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